Wood Products

We provide a huge variety of wood buttons and other woodworking wood accessories perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room. Our selection includes plenty of wood finishes and species for easy to install crown moldings and even appliance garage sets. Woodworker’s Hardware stocks only the best wood products for both functional and decorative purposes.

Appliance Garage

Woodworker's Hardware stocks 2 styles of appliance garage sets for straight wall applications and 90º corners. Find the set that's right for your storage needs.


Stocking tambour in solid wood and wood veneer versions in cherry, hickory, maple and red oak. Also see spring tension track systems and tambour door pulls.

Bread Boards

Stocking solid rubber wood bread boards in widths from 12" to 24" in 2" increments. Each bread board comes with a one solid maple and one solid oak end with finger grooves. Also see bread board screws, knobs and guides.

Wine and Stemware Racks

Wood wine bottle and stemware racks come in alder, cherry, hickory, maple and red oak to match your cabinets. Also see wood plate racks.

Dowel Rods

Stocking dowel rods 36" long in 1/4". 3/8", 1/2",5/8", 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4" diameters. Available in birch, cherry, red oak and walnut.

Buttons and Plugs

Stocking screw hole buttons in birch, red oak and walnut. Flat head screw hole plugs available in birch and red oak. Sizes include 3/8" and 1/2". Also see plug cutter for other sizes


Stocking shaker pegs and mug pegs in unfinished birch and oak.

Plate Racks

Display your treasured china or plates with unfinished solid wood dowel plate racks in cherry, hickory, maple or oak. Dowels are spaced 2" on center. Comes assembled and ready to install.

Legs, Posts and Bun Feet

Woodworker's Hardware stocks high quality decorative legs, posts and bun feet. All are available in solid wood paint grade and maple. Sanded and ready for finishing.

Products by Manufacturers

  • Handy Button
  •  Omega National

Carvings (Corbels) and Support Brackets

Stocking decorative carved wood corbels in the grape and scroll collection. Available in cherry, maple and red oak. Also see plain corbel support brackets and corbels with fluted and beaded backs for mounting on filler moldings.

Column System

Omega National's "Column Concepts" is a mix and match column component offering for creating custom designs. Half round column moldings in beaded, fluted, split rope and plain styles are matched with split caps and bases for beautiful cabinet and furniture designs.


Stocking fluted and beaded filler moldings in cherry, maple and red oak. Also see fluted and beaded caps and corbels.


Stocked moldings include decorative embossed, flexible & solid dentil, split rope, crown, edge and decorative face moldings and arcs.

Range Hoods

Stocking the elegant Signature Series, Arched and Euro style range hoods with accompanying chimneys in cherry, hickory, maple and red oak. Also see a full line of ventilation options.


Stocking English Country valance in maple and red oak. Available in 37" and 49" widths.

Gallery Rails and Spindles

Maple and red oak Gallery rails available in 96" lengths with spindles on 4" centers. Bottom rails come with or without a lip. Spindles available separately.

Door Lattice

Lattice style door inserts stocked in birch, cherry, maple and white oak. Great for wine cabinets, closet storage and accent doors.

Products by Manufacturers

  • Omega National

Crown Molding Clips

The Crown Molding Clip allows one person to easily install crown moldings for that added touch of class in any room. The durable ABS plastic clip holds up one end of the crown molding while you fasten the other end. The clip hangs on a nail or screw and is easy to remove. Need an extra hand... you've got it!

Plug Cutters

Make custom screw hole plugs with INSTY-Bit's plug cutters. Plug cutters come in a 4 flute design for precise cutting in all types of wood. Available in four diameters.

Products by Manufacturers

  • FastCap
  •  Insty Bit

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