Tools and Shop Supplies

Woodworker’s Hardware stocks tons of woodworking tools and shop supplies, no matter your skill level.  We also stock only the highest quality safety products to protect yourself and others. With such a wide selection, you’ll be sure to find something that allows you to successfully complete your project in a quick and safe way. Request a free catalog to check out our 14,000+ product offerings. All tool and shop supplies are in stock and ready for 24 hour shipping.

Edge Banding Tools

Check out our edge banding tools including edge and end trimmers, J-Rollers and a heavy duty hand iron for pre-glued edge banding.

Hand Tools

Find a wide selection of hand tools that are common to most woodworking shops. These include scrapers, chisels, rubber mallets and much more.

FastCap 3rd Hand

Make installation easier with the "3rd Hand" and "Little Hand" support braces which support cabinets and crown moldings during installation.

Saw Hoods

The ChopShop Saw Hood saves time by keeping your work area clean, eliminates billowing dust and keeps your power mitre box out of inclement weather when working outside.

Kreg Tool

Kreg Tool offers a full range of pocket hole machines, jigs, bits, clamps, screws and hole plugs. Use for simple, fast and effective wood joinery.

Woodworking Clamps

Choose from over 50 types of woodworking clamps in stock for many woodworking uses. Find a variety of models, sizes and styles for tackling all your home repair projects.

Tape Measures

We carry multiple types of tape measures in standard, metric and combination standard metric versions.

Air Tools

We have air (pneumatic) tools including brads, staples and finish nails. Also find air compressors, hoses and other accessories.

Products by Manufacturers

  • Bessey
  •  FastCap
  •  Jorgensen
  •  Virutex
  •  Warner
  •  Warrensville

Dust Masks & Respirators

Help protect yourself and others from harmful vapors with dust masks and particulate respirators. Many of our masks include built-in eye protection and offer disposable filters.

Protective Clothing

Stock up on all your workshop clothing to protect your hands, feet and body. Gear includes aprons, coveralls, boots and gloves.

Safety Glasses

Choose from affordable, reliable safety glasses in clear, shaded, mirrored and tinted in amber, blue or red.

Ear Protection

Find the best ear protection for you and your team. Choose from corded and noncorded ear plugs or for even better protection, check out our 3M earmuffs.

Products by Manufacturers

  • 3M
  •  FastCap

Delivery Blankets & Suction Cup Lifters

Find heavy duty material handling tools to help you lift furniture. Choose from dollies, suction cup lifters, heavy duty rubber bands, blankets and more.


We have economy, general purpose, and blue and green painters masking tapes. Also see double sided tapes for laminate refacing and 3 grades of duct tape.

Application Brushes, Rollers and Shop Rags

Find both foam and bristle application brushes and foam rollers. Foam application brushes and rollers are great for stains, varnish and polyurethane.

Shrink Wrap

Stocking stretch wrap rolls for bundling, packing and securing all kinds of things when hauling. Also see handles that make applying stretch wrap a snap.

Products by Manufacturers

  • 3M
  •  FastCap
  •  Jen Manufacturing

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