Dado Blades

Dado Sets

Dado saw blades are extremely important tools for any woodworker, especially those mainly producing objects that require interlocking joints. Items like door panels, cabinets, and bookshelves, by design, require the capabilities of dado saw blades to ensure success and the right results. If you require equipment that can dig significantly larger grooves into wood pieces, consider our dado sets.

Woodworker’s Hardware stocks carbide-tipped dado blades designed for splinter-free cuts in veneer, plywood, melamine, hardwoods, and softwoods. Dado saw blades are not only extremely functional and affordable but also work great with underpowered saws. CMT Orange Tools offers a 12 and a 24-tooth dado set, which has everything you need to make accurate groove cuts, including blades, chippers, and shims. Whether you’re building your own custom cabinets or bookshelves, Woodworker’s Hardware has you covered with quality dado sets, dado shims, and, most importantly, next-day shipping and outstanding customer service.