Jig Saws

Festool Jigsaw Blades

Woodworker's Hardware stocks the Carvex jig saws from Festool. These tools all come with chip catcher, spliterguard and a systainer to keep your tool safe and clean. These tools use the standard T-shank design jig saw blades. We offer various Festool jigsaw blades to choose from for your every need, including splinter guards, stainless steel saw blades, and more. Crafted using impeccable and durable materials, our jigsaw blades will work for a wide range of applications, offering the ultimate durability and performance. Designed with outstanding cut quality, Festool jigsaw blades are the perfect solution to your wood, plastic, and aluminum cutting needs. Our experts are here to answer any questions and provide recommendations to help you choose the perfect Festool jigsaw blades and Festool accessory kits. Order and contact us today!