Grommets, Vents, and Hole Covers

Grommets are an essential component of any desk or office setup. They provide a convenient way to route wires and cables while keeping them organized and out of sight.

At Woodworker’s Hardware, we stock a wide selection of grommets for cords, cables, and office furniture ventilation. Desk grommets are available in up to 9 colors, sure to match almost any laminate or wood finish. For an elegant finishing touch, see our real wood cable hole covers in maple, oak, and walnut wood. We also carry ventilation grommets, which increase air circulation in cabinets and desks with heat producing electronic equipment.

Whatever your needs may be, we have the perfect grommets and hole covers to suit your project, so you can achieve a professional and organized workspace. Shop now and see the difference our products can make.

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