Face Frame Concealed Hinges

Woodworker’s Hardware stocks face frame concealed hinges to keep your cabinets looking their best. We carry a range of options, from basic face frame hinges to innovative soft-close face frame hinges, for your cabinets.

Each hinge helps to create a smooth and solid cabinet door opening. We offer compact face frame hinges that are ideal for box construction applications where space is limited. In addition to traditional hinge options, we also carry soft-close face frame hinges that offer a quieter and gentler cabinet closing experience. These hinges have built-in dampening mechanisms that prevent slamming and reduce wear and tear on your cabinets over time.

At Woodworker’s Hardware, you’re sure to find something that fits your application. Looking for a specific manufacturer? We’ve got you covered with our extensive selection of both Amerock- and Blum-manufactured hinges. Shop our face frame concealed hinges now, or reach out if you need assistance finding the perfect fit for your project.

Hinge Buying Guide