Closet Storage Hardware

At Woodworker’s Hardware, we offer a vast selection of closet storage hardware to make your life clutter-free.

Are you looking to add decorative shelving for storage or display, heavy duty commercial storage shelving, or closet organization to your custom storage system? Easy to install fixed shelf brackets, adjustable standards, brackets and closet storage systems may be just the solution you are looking for. There are many closet shelf hardware options available for residential and office applications, such as decorative options or floating shelf brackets, which have a very clean, contemporary look. For commercial applications try heavy duty adjustable standards and brackets. Also see our organization systems designed specifically for closets.

Closet Organization & Custom Storage Systems

Closet organization does not have to be complicated. Storage systems can be customized to accommodate just about any closet space. Storing clothes and accessories efficiently is important for any living space and you shouldn’t need to sacrifice compelling design for practicality.

Shelf Hardware & Shelf Brackets

Because efficient storage is important in any room of the house, do-it-yourselfers are frequently installing shelving on their own. Closet brackets are used in most of these installations and come in styles that are fixed at 90º, that can fold for use just when needed, or that are attached to wall standards and adjust every couple of inches. You can find everything from light duty decorative shelf brackets, to heavy duty commercial shelving brackets and concealed brackets that give the appearance of a floating shelf.

Woodworker’s Hardware also stocks a wide selection of closet storage hardware to keep your clothing easily accessible and looking their best. From pullout wire baskets, hamper units, pullout belt, tie and scarf racks, you will be sure to find a solution to your storage requirements. We’ve got you covered with top brands like Rev-A-Shelf and KV.

Not looking for closet shelf hardware or closet organizers? Woodworker’s Hardware stocks a huge offering of drawer and door slides including soft-close versions, light and heavy duty full extension slides, pivot door slides and more. Or, shop some of our suppliers like KV and Rev-A-Shelf.

Check out our selection of closet storage hardware!