Lama Hinges

Shop our selection of Lama cabinet and door hinges with nickel and zinc finishes. Lama offers face frame, and frameless hinges to suit most cabinet applications. Lama hinges come in easy-fix, press-in, and screw-on attachment varieties. Titus Hardware owns and produces Lama brand hinges. Woodworker’s Hardware is an authorized distributor of Lama and Titus products.

For example, our selection of Lama hinges includes the T-type 110-degree straight-arm concealed hinge. The product is constructed with strong steel and features soft-close or self-close options.

Another quality piece of Lama hardware is its snap-on soft-close system for its 110-degree hinges, which feature adjustable dampening and should fit into a wide variety of cabinets, no matter their size or their weight. Contact Woodworker’s Hardware about Lama hinges and other products today.