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ISO tunes IT38 Pro Aware Bluetooth Earplug NRR26

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ISO tunes IT38 Pro Aware Bluetooth Earplug NRR26

  • Noise reduction rating of 26 dB
  • Limits volume output to 85 dB
  • Blocks out steady-state noise for clear calls in loud environments.
  • Wireless connection up to 30 feet from your device
  • Provides up to 11 hours of music and talk time plus between charges
  • With an IP67 rating, the PRO Aware is water, sweat, and dust proof
  • Aware Technology™ uses microphones to pick up outside sounds and amplifies them through your hearing protector, similar to a hearing aid or enhancer. Aware volume buttons allow you to choose your preferred amplification level. This means you can wear hearing protection and still hear the world and those around you at a comfortable listening level.
  • When outside noise breaches a safe listening level of 85dB, Aware Technology™ purposefully shuts off to block this noise passively, similar to a standard hearing protector. When your environmental noise returns to a safe listening level, Aware Technology™ will turn back on to continue amplifying the sounds around you.

  • ISOtunes PRO Aware comes with 4 pairs of TRILOGY™ eartips (XS, S, M, L), 1 pair of triple flange eartips, a micro USB charging cable, and a carrying case.
  • OSHA - compliant hearing protection
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