Greenlam Laminates

Greenlam Laminates is the 3rd largest laminate manufacturer in the world. Woodworker's Hardware can now offer you high quality interior laminates for kitchen cabinetry, furniture, commercial case goods, shelving and more. We are stocking standard solid colors, embossed and non-embossed wood grain patterns, laminate countertop sheets in stone and wood grain patterns, beveled edge , metals and marker board laminate. Let Greenlam make a bold statement with your next kitchen, bath or contemporary furniture.

Countertop Alta Q

Greenlam's Alta Q counter top laminate is high definition, glossy laminate featuring an authentic look and texture of stone. Available in four sizes.

Countertop Rocker

Greenlam's Rocker counter top laminate is a high quality durable laminate with a slate look and a stone texture. Available in four sizes.

Countertop Suede

Greenlam's Suede, counter top laminate features a stone look with a soft suede feel. Available in four sizes.

Solid Colors

Greenlam Vertical Grade Solid Colors are typically used in commercial cabinets and store fixtures. Horizontal grade is used for work surfaces and can also be post formed.

Commercial Woodgrains

Greenlam's Vertical Grade Commercial Woodgrains laminate have a rich wood look and are great for commercial and residential cabinets and fixtures. Horizontal Grade PF is a durable laminate for work surfaces and can be post formed.

Textured Woods

Greenlam's VGS Textured Woods laminate are great alternative to real wood for commercial and residential applications. Comes with a heavy or light embossing for a look and feel of real wood.


Greenlam Liner Grade laminate is perfect for lining cabinets, shelves, drawers and any other unexposed backs of components faced with high pressure laminate. Liner provides balance to reduce warping and protection from humidity.


Greenlam phenolic brown backer laminate is a non-decorative backer which helps to reduce warping when applied to the opposite side surface of panels, doors or table tops having vertical or post form grade high pressure laminates.


Greenlam's Decorative Metals laminate will make a statement with its bold metal appearance. Use on cabinetry, furniture and for wall coverings.

Marker Board

Greenlam's non-ghosting Marker Board for use in offices, conference rooms, classrooms and more. Comes in a gloss white finish.

Beveled Edge

Achieve the look of a solid surface counter top by using beveled edge made with Greenlam's Counter Top Collection of laminate. The beveled edges are almost seamless.

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