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Positive  Reviewer: Brian M,  February 2, 2023

Packed well, arrived quickly.

Positive  Reviewer: Steven C,  January 30, 2023

Easy ordering and received order promptly. Very pleased.

Positive  Reviewer: Michael B,  January 30, 2023

Quick service and delivery.

Positive  Reviewer: Scott S,  January 30, 2023

Fast shipping!!

Positive  Reviewer: Michal S,  January 29, 2023

Good price and service. Fast shipping.

Positive  Reviewer: Lynn W,  January 29, 2023

Fast shipping, arrived sooner than predicted.

Positive  Reviewer: Craig T,  January 28, 2023

Great place to order the parts and supplies I need for my little woodworking Shop.

Positive  Reviewer: Michael W,  January 27, 2023

Easy place to shop for woodworking needs.

Positive  Reviewer: Randall L,  January 24, 2023

I was surprised how fast I received the hardware once I placed the order and how easy it was to follow your directions for installation. The person I spoke to was able to guide me through the process and made sure I had the right parts before i ordered them making the whole process worry free!!

Positive  Reviewer: James A,  January 22, 2023

Very fast shipping, great service

Positive  Reviewer: Andrew M,  January 21, 2023

Good source.

Neutral  Reviewer: Yisroel M,  January 20, 2023

Yes they look durable however some parts were not equally the same, and I'll explain. I've used 1 spacer to mark a whole to predrill in a composite board, then I took the other one and it was off and couldn't use that whole and had to dump the spacer and the composite was damaged as there was another factory drilled whole too close to the newly drilled whole

Positive  Reviewer: Lawrence M,  January 20, 2023

Good product and fair prices

Positive  Reviewer: Carol P,  January 19, 2023

My items were less than $2.00 each, but yes I did have to pay for shipping

Positive  Reviewer: Daniel D,  January 17, 2023

i have perched from you for years. I hate not getting a catalog!!! I still use the last one I got in 2016 then futtey my way through the web wight. I also do not like getting all the e mails once a mouth wood be fine.

Positive  Reviewer: Michael S,  January 16, 2023

Fast shipping. Product came came very dusty.

Positive  Reviewer: William F,  January 15, 2023

Great company!

Positive  Reviewer: Brandon S,  January 12, 2023

Very satisfied with site and able to get what I wanted when other sites did not have them.

Positive  Reviewer: Atila A,  January 11, 2023


Neutral  Reviewer: Stanley Z,  January 11, 2023

The descriptions and measurements when ordering are mostly nonexistent. We had to hope that the item pictured appeared enough like the original hardware to be the correct replacement. We were disappointed when it came that it was plastic instead of metal like the original. But it is the correct replacement and it arrived quickly.

Positive  Reviewer: B S,  January 11, 2023

Great customer service, and fast delivery.

Positive  Reviewer: Larry S,  January 7, 2023

Fast service and responsive to any questions.

Positive  Reviewer: David A,  January 7, 2023

Fast service and all the right parts!!

Positive  Reviewer: Daryl F,  January 4, 2023

Great product, fast shipment and delivery

Positive  Reviewer: Tim W,  January 4, 2023

fast shipping / delivery! but no contact from seller after purchase.

Positive  Reviewer: Gary M,  January 1, 2023

first time, went great and received faster than expected, thank you

Positive  Reviewer: Laura G,  January 1, 2023

I appreciate that someone help me when ordering over the phone.

Positive  Reviewer: Fay R,  December 31, 2022

Thank you

Positive  Reviewer: Ebert Z,  December 30, 2022

products from woodworkers have worked for me for over 15 years

Positive  Reviewer: Greg L,  December 30, 2022

Got parts I ordered and in a timely fashion.

Positive  Reviewer: Austin M,  December 30, 2022

I will definitely order from you in the future!

Positive  Reviewer: William L,  December 30, 2022


Negative  Reviewer: Maxim B,  December 29, 2022

Wrong item sent

Woodworker’s Hardware Response

Our apologies Maxim, we looked into this matter and discovered the wrong image had been uploaded to the product. We corrected the image, and sent you the correct hooks free of charge. We hope the correct ones worked well for you.

Positive  Reviewer: Bob K,  December 27, 2022

WH always has the products I want that are fairly prices and are delivered amazingly fast!

Positive  Reviewer: Ray W,  December 25, 2022

Returned item with no issues

Positive  Reviewer: Stan D,  December 24, 2022

Good communication and delivery.

Positive  Reviewer: John P,  December 24, 2022

Great company to do internet ordering with. Great communication, fast shipping, and reasonable prices.

Positive  Reviewer: Chad W,  December 23, 2022

Perfect for my utensil drawer set up

Positive  Reviewer: Dave L,  December 23, 2022

service timely

Positive  Reviewer: Paul S,  December 19, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: Thomas B,  December 19, 2022

Woodworkers Hardware made the order process easy and delivery fast.

Positive  Reviewer: Jim R,  December 16, 2022

Good price and fast delivery

Positive  Reviewer: Vanessa W,  December 14, 2022

Great pictures on the website, you can see everything clearly, thanks.

Positive  Reviewer: James G,  December 12, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: Everett E,  December 11, 2022

Excellent Service!

Positive  Reviewer: Jeryl B,  December 11, 2022

Love pull! Very updated look for my kitchen

Positive  Reviewer: Brent G,  December 11, 2022

Easy to order, just what I needed!

Positive  Reviewer: Rosanne B,  December 10, 2022

Great company. Items come very quickly!

Positive  Reviewer: Donald S,  December 9, 2022

Shipping with Spee Dee was fast. 2 days after ordering.

Positive  Reviewer: Robert H,  December 9, 2022

The company's web site was easy to use and product descriptions are detailed and easy to understand. The ordering process was straight forward and they arrived in just a few days.

Positive  Reviewer: Shannon F,  December 9, 2022

They were great.

Positive  Reviewer: Sidney P,  December 8, 2022

Great thanks

Positive  Reviewer: Charles F,  December 7, 2022

All was good

Positive  Reviewer: Noreen K,  December 6, 2022

I’m very happy with the clothes

Positive  Reviewer: Kathy A,  December 6, 2022

Fast shipping and beautiful flawless products.

Positive  Reviewer: Rick W,  December 4, 2022

Fast shipping

Positive  Reviewer: Sanford L,  December 2, 2022

Well packaged and quickly shipped!

Positive  Reviewer: Mike P,  December 2, 2022

The people were great friendly and cared about you

Positive  Reviewer: Harry O,  December 1, 2022

Always a great job

Positive  Reviewer: Casi L,  December 1, 2022

Great. Quick delivery.

Positive  Reviewer: Paul K,  November 28, 2022

good service, fast delivery

Positive  Reviewer: Ron H,  November 27, 2022

Great service and the product looks amazing.

Positive  Reviewer: Roland A,  November 27, 2022

Quick response and got us our order sooner then expected. Perfect.

Positive  Reviewer: Michael M,  November 26, 2022

Very happy - I will shop for hardware again at Woodworkers Hardware!

Positive  Reviewer: Patrick C,  November 24, 2022

Woodworkers hardware shipped my 1/4” alligator anchors in three days, so recommended, would purchase again.

Positive  Reviewer: Patrick C,  November 19, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: Steve B,  November 18, 2022

Very helpful. I was impressed with the level of service for such a small order.

Positive  Reviewer: Charles P,  November 16, 2022

Very good company to buy from They have help me lot of times give you a number # 10 very good Thanks so much

Positive  Reviewer: Joseph D,  November 15, 2022

Took five days in priority shipping. Guess you can blame usps

Positive  Reviewer: Denise S,  November 10, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: Danny M,  November 8, 2022

Everything I've ever purchased has worked well, and perfectly for my needs.

Positive  Reviewer: Perley B,  November 7, 2022

Good service and price.

Positive  Reviewer: Joseph M,  November 7, 2022

Everything came great

Positive  Reviewer: Daniel D,  November 2, 2022

Fast shipping!!

Positive  Reviewer: Roy C,  November 1, 2022

Exactly what I needed . Got here quickly.

Positive  Reviewer: Chad B,  October 31, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: Rich H,  October 30, 2022

Prompt service and delivery. Great products for the price. Top quality hardware.

Positive  Reviewer: Matt M,  October 30, 2022

Very helpful staff

Positive  Reviewer: Alan C,  October 28, 2022

Great service, fast fulfillment.

Positive  Reviewer: Martin H,  October 27, 2022

The website was easy to use and their product selection was great.

Positive  Reviewer: Brian P,  October 26, 2022

Quick delivery.

Positive  Reviewer: Mark M,  October 25, 2022

Shipping and customer service is top notch!

Positive  Reviewer: Victor F,  October 25, 2022

Quick delivery in perfect condition.

Positive  Reviewer: Sarah W,  October 23, 2022

Good service and quality product.

Neutral  Reviewer: William M,  October 23, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: Abraham J,  October 23, 2022

Great service.

Positive  Reviewer: Somesh K,  October 22, 2022

Shipped in time and quality is as expected

Positive  Reviewer: Vadim K,  October 21, 2022

Fast and accurate delivery. Easy ordering process.

Positive  Reviewer: Baron C,  October 20, 2022

They were missing the mounting rings when they were first shipped, but Woodworker's sent out new ones pretty quickly.

Positive  Reviewer: Corey S,  October 19, 2022

I bought the spring hinge online. It came within a week. Perfect match. It came as a pair of hinges. I was only expecting 1 hinge and they were reasonably priced.

Positive  Reviewer: Don C,  October 19, 2022

The shipping service is very fast….love that!!

Positive  Reviewer: Earl K,  October 19, 2022

I order parts from you because I get a great response and a good selection of products.

Positive  Reviewer: Michael A,  October 19, 2022

Quick service

Positive  Reviewer: Bill F,  October 19, 2022

Quick shipping

Positive  Reviewer: Robyn S,  October 19, 2022

Quick ship on top notch product!

Positive  Reviewer: Bruce S,  October 18, 2022

very fast delivery time

Positive  Reviewer: Danny D,  October 18, 2022

Good timing and reasonable shipping

Positive  Reviewer: Dolores R,  October 18, 2022

very easy to work with customer service is excellent

Neutral  Reviewer: Joseph V,  October 18, 2022

Service was fine, shipping expensive.

Positive  Reviewer: Danny B,  October 18, 2022

Exactly as ordered.

Positive  Reviewer: Dennis K,  October 18, 2022

Perfect transaction! Great price, quickly shipped, a pleasure to do biz with, Thanks :))

Positive  Reviewer: David G,  October 18, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: James C,  October 18, 2022

Great pricing and everything was in stock.

Positive  Reviewer: John T,  October 18, 2022

Good price quick shipping

Positive  Reviewer: Richard S,  October 18, 2022

Great service; compeitive price.

Positive  Reviewer: Dale D,  October 18, 2022

Good value

Positive  Reviewer: George W,  October 18, 2022

My first order went very well. Good selection, good service, and competitive prices! I’ll be shopping here more often.

Positive  Reviewer: Vincent C,  October 18, 2022

Woodworkers deliverd on time

Positive  Reviewer: JJ L,  October 18, 2022

Excellent customer service

Positive  Reviewer: Richard M,  October 18, 2022

No problems with delivery time

Positive  Reviewer: Tylor B,  October 18, 2022

first time in 10 years i can call a company and speak to a real person. highly recommend.

Positive  Reviewer: Mark C,  October 18, 2022

Arrived quickly

Positive  Reviewer: Paul C,  October 18, 2022

Easy to order, knowledgeable staff.

Positive  Reviewer: Mary E,  October 18, 2022

Quick delivery and easy ordering!

Positive  Reviewer: Debbie T,  October 18, 2022

Fast shipping, great place to purchase from!

Positive  Reviewer: Kevin W,  October 18, 2022

Super service and speedy delivery.

Positive  Reviewer: Dave I,  October 18, 2022

Easy to find everything I need, and competitive priced. I like that I can review my past orders for ease in reordering.

Positive  Reviewer: Terry H,  October 18, 2022

Good Job

Positive  Reviewer: Carol H,  October 18, 2022

Great service and delivery!

Positive  Reviewer: James H,  October 18, 2022

Had what I needed, delivered in a timely manner, 2 thumbs up!

Negative  Reviewer: Neal W,  October 18, 2022

Not B good

Positive  Reviewer: Fred L,  October 18, 2022

Service is very prompt.

Positive  Reviewer: John C,  October 18, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: Rex E,  October 18, 2022

Good customer service

Positive  Reviewer: Myrl P,  October 18, 2022

I have always had great service and product over the last 14 years. The one thing that I regret the company doing is eliminating their catalog. I am not into sitting in front of a computer to see what is for sale. Plus, trying to locate what I might want and don't know yet. A catalog can be set down and come back to later , very easily. Now , I don't have a clue as to what is being sold.

Woodworker’s Hardware Response

Unfortunately, with the rising cost of producing a catalog it is no longer feasible for us to print a catalog for all our customers. However, all of our products are available on our website and if you have any questions, you are welcome to give us a call.

Positive  Reviewer: Dennis H,  October 18, 2022


Positive  Reviewer: Paul S,  October 18, 2022

Ordering and receiving was easy. The legs and clips were delivered on time and faster than I thought. Thank you

Positive  Reviewer: Jack F,  October 18, 2022

Your catalog could be better organized.

Positive  Reviewer: Marty S,  October 18, 2022

Wouldn’t hesitate to order from Woodworker’s!

Positive  Reviewer: Andrew F,  October 18, 2022

My order came in quickly insufficiently.

Positive  Reviewer: Daniel F,  October 18, 2022

Fast and easy

Positive  Reviewer: Simranjit S,  October 18, 2022

Good service 

Positive  Reviewer: Michael S,  June 29, 2019

Like the site, will order from you again when I have the need

Positive  Reviewer: Glen I,  June 28, 2019

Great selection and good info to help with final decision making process for product i purchased

Positive  Reviewer: Marcia I,  January 1, 2019

I called customer support and they were very helpful

Positive  Reviewer: Jose P, July 18, 2016

I have yet to be disappointed. Deliveries were punctual; accurate and the quality of their products as advertised. Appreciate the fact that most product come with downloadable .pdf instructions for preview to confirm if you ordering the right product and for the right weight classification. Cant complain too much about the pricing either.

Positive  Reviewer: Peter P,  June 10, 2016

Woodworkers Hardware Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 Sirs: I am just finishing up a minor project (shelving). I purchased the adjustable hardware from you and the wood from another supplier. When the wood came in, I almost sent it back. Each plank had an adhesive sticker on it that did NOT peel off and required alcohol to gently remove (although a slight stain remained). To make matters worse, the ends of each were black ink stamped! This meant that I had to saw/shave almost a half an inch off each end! That was the other guys. When your shipment arrived, I was very pleased to note that you did not over package the hardware. I am an infrequent and small purchaser, but was glad to see that you simply used a bit of labor instead of simply throwing the order into a large box stuffed full of some environmental waste! But, I was then horrified to see that each piece of hardware (there were 19 in all) had its own sticker on it! I realize that these scan-able sticker simplify inventory management and control, but was I facing another hour or two in removing them? Fortunately, somebody in Woodworkers Hardware had actually used these fixtures and was willing to spend the extra fraction of a cent to get the removable stickers! This did not remove the alcohol from my work process: it just changed the variety from “rubbing” to Scotch and provided plenty of time for consumption after the project was completed! Maybe you have lost some money due to people who “sticker-switch”, but you have gained in revenue as I, and I am sure many others, appreciate your care about us as consumers of your products, not just as a customer. It does make a difference. So, imho, you should promote your VP of “Customer” Relations to VP of “Consumers” Relations! You, sincerely, have all my future business… Peter Petroski

Positive  Reviewer: Vadim S,  February 27, 2016

I had some cabinets cut to a shallower depth and needed new slides for the drawers. I did some searching around and finally ended here. Ordered the KV MuV undermount slides and I couldn't be happier. They are really nice quality, close softly and install extremely easily. Very happy with my purchase.

Positive  Reviewer: Dennis E, December 06, 2015 

Just wanted to say thank you for honoring your commitment to excellent customer relations. I bought 39 Blum soft close drawer slides (one purchase of 24 and then a second of 15). I mistakenly ordered the wrong model the first time and you quickly took the return and sent me out the correct model. Then, I had one pair that was damaged and without any hassle you sent me out a replacement slide pair. Even though the purchase was 11 months ago. It is encouraging to do business with an honorable organization. Thank you and you can be sure this will be the only place I purchase anything I need and will recommend it highly.

Neutral  Reviewer: Jim H, September 9, 2015 

I was trying to order items from the new 2016 catalog, KV6500 Slides, but it kelp saying item wqas not found. Before you send out your catalog, please up date the web site to have those items listed. Other than that always get great service. Thanks Jim

Positive  Reviewer: Keith M, January 26, 2015 

I am always impressed with the quality, offerings and service at WWHardware. They have nearly everything you can imagine at good prices in the nearly 1000 pages of catalog. I have never had any problems with order fulfillment. Whether I'm ordering 3 of an item or 1000 it's in stock, correctly filled, labeled with my name and contents and ships in 24 hours. You guys have an awesome staff, warehouse, and systems.

Positive  Reviewer: Barnes, January 21, 2015 

Great Company with lots of up to date products to choose from. Quick, accurate service whether ordering via phone or web. However the new website is annoying to navigate. When I input an item number I expect to see that item, not a list of different items with different item numbers. I hope this can be fixed so that my online ordering is much faster and less frustrating. Thanks!!

Positive  Reviewer: Brian R, September 17, 2014 

Great seller. Package arrived promptly. Unfortunately, the shipper had smashed a hole in the box, and some of the contents were missing. Woodworker's Hardware graciously handled my call and sent replacement parts promptly. The parts arrived today with bomb-proof packaging. Thanks, Woodworker's Hardware, for a smooth and friendly transaction.

Positive  Reviewer: Bryan C, July 29, 2014 

I am new to the site. I have only made 2 transactions with them. Both were on the large side. They had what I needed in stock and when I ordered the wrong things they picked up on it right away and got me what I really wanted. One order was handles and knobs, and I needed them over nighted. No problem all in stock and shipped. Prices are great and so is your staff. Thanks Bryan Corless

Positive  Reviewer: Scott B, June 14, 2014 

Excellent service! Teresa Davis in customer service was very helpful! After my order arrived damaged and devoid of any hinges, she sent her apologies and got a new package sent out right away at no cost! I was very happy for suck customer care and would recommend this company to anyone as they obviously care about their customers just as much as they do about their products!

Positive  Reviewer: Genn V, June 2, 2014 

Thank you for going WAY over and above customer service when you sent out a replacement for a minor problem. You have me as a customer for life

Positive  Reviewer: Matthew H, March 13, 2014 

thanks for sending the new catalog with the last order, much appreciated!

Positive  Reviewer: Frank L, September 22, 2013 

Thank You so much for the quick shipping on my order of the Como 8" adjustable legs. Will certainly recommend your business to friends!

Positive  Reviewer: Darryl P, June 27, 2013 


Positive  Reviewer: Ignacio S, April 12, 2013 

Thank you for your help!! I´m happy with the price and the chance to make small orders for swivel plates. Now when all the sales are slow, We need suppliers who accept small orders of the raw materials, like you. I´ll be happy to continue ordering more plates and some other products. Thanks again!!

Positive  Reviewer: Adam J, March 4, 2013 

Recently I had ordered some cabinet tumbler locks for a project I was working on. I ordered the wrong ones. I just wanted to say that I wish every company made it this easy to buy and return items. All the times that I've called I was helped in a professional and timely manner. I will continue buying all my woodworking accessories through woodworkers hardware! Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Adam Jump

Positive  Reviewer: Whatley W, February 3, 2013 

These guys are the best I have ever worked with. There was some confusion on my order some my fault some theirs. How ever it was fixed and I am very happy to do business with them. I have done a lot of online shopping and find this is one of the better web sites to deal with and their prices are very competitive. A very good experience.

Positive  Reviewer: Phillip J, January 27, 2013 

I just received a special order # 21293445 from you. When I placed the order I was told it would take 3-4 weeks. I received it in just over two weeks. It was superbly packaged and thank you for the timely delivery. My customer is thrilled. I also want to thank Paul (ext. 135) for being so helpful and courteous. I will definitely purchase from you again

Positive  Reviewer: Larry E, January 2, 2013 

This is a great site. Blum soft close hinges were exactly as advertised and they beat the price big time overall competitors on the web. Arrived in 5 days which included New Year's day. Am ordering more to do my entire kitchen. I would highly recommended this site.

Positive  Reviewer: Keith M, October 4, 2012 

I received my latest order today. Kudos to your order fulfillment department and the people who developed the software behind them. In a company with thousands of SKUs and order quantities from one to thousands on the same item, you always get it right and on time.

Positive  Reviewer: Stephen W, May 24, 2012 

Thank you for fast shipping!

Positive  Reviewer: James M, February 1, 2012 

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you. I've ordered the same product from you (11 lb boxes of 3M hot melt adhesive) about 6 or 7 times now through Amazon, and I've never had any problems. The shipment always arrives on time and there have never been any mistakes regarding the type of adhesive or quantities. I know this is what i should expect from all of my venders, but it doesn't always work out that way. So thanks for getting it right every time and helping keep me and my crew on schedule.

Positive  Reviewer: Michael R, October 18, 2011