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DryAway Laundry Drying System 8-Frame Ash

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DryAway Laundry Drying System 8-Frame Ash


DryAway's revolutionary and patented design is the smarter way to dry your clothes. Dry Away is a series of drying racks that retract out of sight and out of the way, that saves you money while protecting hte enviroment and your clothes! 

Q & A's from DryAway

Q:If clothes are pushed in to dry is mold or mildew a problem?

A:No, the spacing between frames is set to allow evaporation to occur without creating mold or mildew.

Q:Do the clothes take longer to dry pushed in?

A:No, they dry at the same speed as if they were hanging somewhere else in the room. Based on the humidity level of the room.

Q:Do you need a fan or a drain installed with the product?

A:No, clothes shouldn’t be dripping when coming out of the wash and the gaps between each frame are large enough to allow air flow.

  • Adjustable drying rods
  • 30" deep 
  • Mounting hardware requires a solid 3/4" wood surface to mount to
  • Mounting hardware needs to be installed prior to cabinet or space being closed off
  • One size frame fits all mounting heights from 88" to 104" (with 90" to 96" optional)
  • Cabinet not included
  • No doors needed, also helps to keep air flow
  • Assembly required
  • Includes 8 pullout frames  

Installation Guide

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