Kampel Enterprises (SeamFil & ColorFlex)

For more than 60 years, Kampel Enterprises, Inc. has been a leading resource for professional laminate repair and caulking solutions. WWHardware is proud to be a distributor of Kampel Enterprises’ SeamFil and ColorFlex products. Known as the “Original,” SeamFil laminate repair makes cracks, seams, chips and other imperfections disappear permanently – with no need to replace entire laminate sections. Plus, SeamFil resists abrasive chemicals and moisture. Choose from individual colors or complete kits (standard color or wood grain). Once your component’s (counter, vanity, etc.) seams are filled, consider using ColorFlex caulk to seal its inside corners and perimeter. ColorFlex easily seals the areas where components meet floors, walls, cabinets, tile, and more. For those applications requiring adhesive qualities, choose the ColorFlex II caulk. Take advantage of exclusive bulk-order discounts on select products.