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Blum Tandem Shelf Lock Set Frameless

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B295H5700 OG

Blum Tandem Shelf Lock Set Frameless

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Quality of living is not only determined by design but also by convenience. This is why Blum has developed a functional lock-open stop for pull-out shelves with full extension. The discreet and space-saving mechanism securely holds the pull-out shelf in place when open.
Pull-out shelves are locked in position where they are needed throughout the home, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or utility room. By creating additional, flexible shelf space, users can mobilize kitchen gadgets and appliances, making them easy to use, and put away again in seconds

**See Installation Guide for helpful drawer box construction information**

For TANDEM and MOVENTO runners (sold separately)

• Can be combined with TIP-ON BLUMOTION when used in conjunction with MOVENTO runners

• Two-sided locking for secure hold

•Can be released with one hand from either side of the shelf

• Easy installation with self-aligning components

• No change to runner installation

• Can be easily integrated into the existing manufacturing process

Pull-Out Shelf Lock Set includes:

• 2 locking units (install with wood screws)

• 2 latches (install with wood or system screw)

• Installation instructions

• Not designed to work with 9" TANDEMS

Synchronization Rod (sold separately, see accessories)

• 42-7/8" aluminum, cut to size

• Length = opening width minus 3-7/16" (87mm)

•Opening Width: Minimum = 212 (8-3/8"), Maximum = 1176 (46-5/16")

Installation Guide

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