Blum Inserta Drilling Gauge

The Blum Inserta Drilling Gauge is a simple device used to drill holes for INSERTA style hinges and system screw holes for wing-type mounting plates. For details click on the installation tab below.

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Drilling gauge

Blum Inserta Drilling Gauge
  • Hinge drilling steps:
  • 1. Determine hinge position
  • 2. Drill 35mm hole using drill press
  • 3. Adjust drilling distance by turning drilling distance selector
  • 4. Position drilling gauge (drilling distance selector facing down)
  • 5. Drill 8mm holes
  • Wing mounting plate drilling steps:
  • 1. Determine mounting plate position
  • 2 Position drilling gauge (drilling distand, selector facing up)
  • 3. Drill 5mm holes for mounting with system screws mark pilot holes for wood screws with a center punch
Color Orange
Manufacturer Blum
Type Jigs
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