Call them whatever you want, cutting boards, bread boards or pastry boards, it doesn't make any difference, they are very useful in the kitchen.  Years ago we were selling cutting boards that had a particle board interior with a 1" hardwood side rail on each side that could be trimmed and it had a very thick maple veneer on both surfaces. One end had a maple handle and the other end had an oak handle.  It was extremely popular and you can still find them in kitchens today.  They are no longer available. Today we have cutting boards that are made of glued up strips of solid rubberwood.  Available 23-1/2 inches long and from 12"-24" inches wide.  These are of superior quality with an 1-3/4" hardwood handle on each end.  There is no veneer surface to split or delaminate.  The board can be trimmed to any width.  It is reversible.  If you get tired of looking at one side flip it over. At first, some felt rubberwood was too porous for a cutting board but that is not the case.  Rubberwood has proved to be an excellent choice for making cutting boards. The solid rubberwood strips run from 2 to 4 inches wide and are glued up with food safe glue.  Some sources have said that wood is a better surface for resisting bacterial build up than plastics and composites. Rubberwood is easy to maintain.  It can be washed with soap and water.  If you get deep cuts and scratches that you don't like just sand them out.  There is no veneer to sand through.  I have used the boards that I have for cutting meat, fish, poultry, celery, carrots, onions and everything else that needs cutting up in a kitchen.  A mineral oil is available to put on the cutting board surface.  I have never used it. I was asked if the rubberwood cutting boards were dishwasher safe.  They do not need to be.  You can't get one in a dishwasher.  Still I was curious so I cut one down so it would fit in the dishwasher. We cycle the washer at hot water and high dry and have left it in the dishwasher for over two weeks and there is no sign of damage.  The glue is not failing and the handles remain attached.  This tells me you can rinse and wash them off in the sink as often as you want.  They are extremely durable. I am not recommending that they be used in the bathtub for the kids to float their bathtub toys on.  Still, I do not baby these boards, in fact, you could say that I abuse them.  They are made of excellent quality rubberwood. So I suggest you get one or two of these for your kitchen countertop or for outside near the barbeque pit.  I have put rubber feet on mine so I can use it on the countertop so it won't slide around. You will be very happy with your choice.   Check out this YouTube Video for a great visual on these cutting boards. Wondering about the durability of the rubberwood bread boards, watch Larry test out putting these in the dishwasher - YouTube Video