Milk Paint to Make the Best Petunias

I used milk paints to paint a walking stick that I carved.  It was a pretty nice stick and it looked really sharp when I got done painting it. I started using a dark chocolate (GFMP.DC.Q), and I painted the entire stick in it.  The milk paints are water-based so when putting on the milk paint, the stick is absorbing a lot of moisture.  When I got done putting down the dark chocolate, right on top of that, I started putting on the colors for the flowers.  The first color I did was called Coral Crush (GFMP.CC.Q), that was really pretty and fun to put on.  Then I followed up the coral crush with a yellow called Sunglow (GFMP.S.Q), and started painting each and every flower with that.  At the end, I went back and added color to each one of the petunias to give it more of a multi-color look on each flower.  Like with the coral crush I put a little red (GFMP.HR) in it and with the yellow I put some coral crush in it.  I made some of them with red and a different color so it would turn out looking more like an orange.  So, it was a lot of fun painting all of these sticks.

I especially like using the milk paints by General Finishes, because they’re thick, they don’t run, they cover well, although in this case it did take double coats on top of the dark chocolate to make it work.  I was mixing colors, and I made one with purple, I don’t remember how I got that color but my wife wanted a purple flower, so I kept mixing until it showed up, I knew that had to be in one of those cans somewhere.

Now milk paint isn’t made from milk, it’s a genuine, professional, water-based paint, and it covers very well.  I did an emerald green (GFMP.E.Q) and then another darker green, which I can’t remember the name of, to take care of the leaves, and I didn’t try to get good coverage there, I let the dark chocolate sort of come through on the stick.  The whole process was a lot of fun, I enjoyed making this stick, and working with milk paints is really a lot of fun.


On my cans of milk paint I’ve got stirring lids (GFL.Q), and they’re a dream.  I never have to open the can, I just turn the crank (GFL.HANDLE) on it and the paint stirs up real good, then I pour it into a little saucer and do the mixing I need to get a really nice color.

Most of my walking sticks are carved out of a real hardwood.  This one is out of a poplar, so it’s not quite as hard a material, but it’s a pretty nice stick.  That coral paint was my absolute favorite, I got plenty of use out of that coral.  I liked all the blue ones that I painted too, they’re kind of nice.  Well there isn’t a flower on these that I don’t like.  There’s one that’s a little orange color, I mixed that with coral and some red.  The leaves, I did them with emerald green and some other kind of green, I don’t remember the name of.  So, it was real, real fun to do.  I got a nice dark red one in there too, it’s nice.

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