If you are building new cabinets, I recommend using Blum Tandem SOFT-close drawer runners. The SOFT-close feature is integrated into the drawer runner and, in my opinion, this is the best under mount SOFT-close runner of this type on the market. Many households today likely have cabinet drawers with a SELF-close feature as opposed to SOFT-close. A disadvantage of the SELF-close feature on cabinet drawers is slamming and bounce backIf you have this type of drawer runner, “maybe” there is a way to add the SOFT-close feature to your cabinet drawers. I say “maybe” because not all drawer runners are compatible with a SOFT-close add-on. Look at this image of an epoxy coated drawer runner. If your cabinets have a drawer runner similar to this most likely a SOFT-close add-on will work for you.The Titus SOFT-close add-on is easy to install and not very expensive. The SOFT-close device can be mounted on either the left or the right side of the drawer box. On the drawers in our home I installed on the right side since this is where the captive drawer runner is. (A captive member is a drawer member that has a channel for the roller bearing to follow so the drawer member will not move from side-to-side) Blum runners of this type have the captive member on the right. Salice runners have the captive member on the left. The captive side is the best location for a Titus SOFT-close add-on. The other side of the drawer box does not have a channel for the roller bearing and it allows the drawer member to shift slightly from left to right. This is frequently called a tolerance runner and is a good thing. Your drawers will not bind and the nylon roller will not be bent because of stress. Note; I do not recommend that you buy epoxy-coated drawer runners of the type that are captive on both sides. They are prone to failure. If you already have double captive drawer runners the SOFT-close add-on should still work. If the drawer is wider than 23” it might be a good idea to use a device on both the left and right side since that is the manufacturers recommendation. However, I have 32” wide drawers for pots and pans and used one soft-close device on the captive side and it works great. It took thirty minutes to put the first one on and ten minutes to do the second. (the learning curve) It’s an easy install. Give this great product a try if you have SELF-close epoxy coated drawer runners. Watch the video for installation instructions.Also for a nice Learning with Larry video, check out this link.