This is another leg leveler (T2666-LA) favorite of mine it is a black plastic one.  It’s high-impact, so it’s a very strong one.  I know these are good, because I’ve been around this industry for a while and thousands upon thousands of them have been used.  Here’s what I like about this leg leveler; it has a lot of adjustability in the foot, lots of movement, and it’s very strong.  These are purchased here and then you can buy a mounting block; there are two mounting blocks available.

One is a huge mounting block (T2575-LA) and the leg just slips onto it.  The mounting block goes under your cabinet, and has a lip that extends to this next cabinet, so that you can support two cabinets with one mounting plate.  This gives you a very big mounting block to support your leg leveler.  It’s a screw on, so you screw this to the bottom of your cabinet and then put the leg leveler into the mounting block to give you a really good support to the base of your cabinet.  A cabinet builder to put this on the bottom of their cabinet, and then, when they’re in the shop, they can slide it around on the floor and use it as a skit for their cabinet, so that it doesn’t wreck the cabinet when moving it around.   So, this leg and this block, make a really good combination.

Another thing that you might be interested in; let’s say you think this isn’t a big enough base on this level, we also sell a lot of these additional feet (T2569-LA) that just snap right on.  It really gives you a lot of base and it makes it a lot easier to level when you’ve got this piece on there.  I supposed that’s why so many of these snap on pieces are sold.

Now here’s another mounting block (T2559-LA), it’s a screw on still, screw on are my favorite, but it’s a little smaller.  It still gives you the same features.  We have a lot of leg levelers, they’re all very good quality.  So, don’t be afraid that you’re going to wish that you hadn’t of bought them, they’re good.  The only thing I don’t like about leg levelers is I can’t think about nothing funny to say about them.

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