Let’s talk about polyurethane wood glues a little bit.  Now, polyurethane wood glues are not the most popular glue on the market, but they can be pretty useful.  They work great on dissimilar surfaces, for example if you want to glue a piece of ceramic to a piece of wood, that’s a good application.  It’s completely waterproof, you can glue it to wood, metal, stone, ceramic, foam, concrete, and glass; it does have a long drying time though, so be aware of that.  We sell Titebond polyurethane glue (F230), manufactured by Franklin International, it competes directly with another glue that you might be familiar with, Gorilla Glue, Gorilla polyurethane.  Now, based on the research that I have done, and the reviews that I’ve read, Titebond polyurethane is a better glue.  It has a thicker formula, and is less expensive, so that’s a couple of reasons why I would go with the Titebond brand of polyurethane glue.

In addition to the advantages, there are some disadvantages.  Some will talk about a gap-filling property, which may be true if you have some irregularities, but if this glue expands when it dries, then it gets foamy.  When you’re using this glue, you have to wear gloves because it is sticky and runny, and there is an ingredient in here called isocyanates, that is harmful to you.  Isocyanates are an irritant and you don’t want to get it on you skin, or use it on something that comes in contact with food, like a breadboard, because as you cut up meat or something like that, these contaminants could get on your skin or in your food.  So, you don’t want skin contact and no indirect food contact.  It also has a short life once the bottle’s been open, so they recommend storing it upside down.

If you want a completely waterproof glue, and it’s going to be wood on wood, then I suggest getting the Titebond III (F141).  It’s completely waterproof, and then compared to Titebond polyurethane, Titebond III is stronger, it’s safer, there aren’t any health issues, it doesn’t foam, and it’s less expensive.  So, that’s the route I would go.

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