Franklin International, between 10-15 years ago began to manufacture Titebond III (F141), they call it the ultimate wood glue.  Titebond III is completely waterproof, passing the Type 1 waterproof test.  Now, what in the world does that mean to you?  Well, what they do is they glue up a specimen, and then place it into boiling water for 4 hours.  When they’re done boiling it, they then put it into an oven for 20 hours at 145 degrees Fahrenheit.  When they take it out of the oven it goes back into boiling water for an additional 4 hours, after which they take it out and run it under cold water.  Finally, they try to break the specimen, and if it breaks along the glue line it fails the test.  Titebond III passes the Type 1 test making it completely waterproof, so if you have a project that is going to be sitting somewhere where it’s going to get wet, you don’t have to worry about it.  In addition, Titebond III is also approved for indirect food contact, so there are no health issues with this glue.  For example, you can use this glue for a cutting board and won’t have to worry about contaminants leaching out into your food that are going to make you sick, or effect your health.  Not having any health issues makes it a very safe glue; safer than traditional waterproof glues.  With Titebond III being both waterproof and safe for indirect food contact, it’s an extremely good glue to use for both interior and exterior projects.  Franklin International really did a great job in making the Titebond III, and really all of the Titebond glue line, making them one of the most popular glues in the United States cabinet shops today.

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