Floating shelves are one of the most versatile ways to spruce up a wall. They just seem to work in any room. Create more laundry room storage, or quick and easy book shelves. Open up a small bathroom or fill dead space in the living room or hallway. Give your kitchen a modern touch with the sleek design. The applications are endless.


Omega National offers a variety of sizes and wood species for floating shelves. This means the shelf is already made, all that’s left is to finish painting or staining to match your décor.


  1. Kitchen Shelves

Whether you’re budgeting for a full scale remodel or just a small update, adding floating shelves to a kitchen creates an open space for a more modern feel. Layer shelves for an open pantry, or put the space above the sink to good use. Utilize all flat surfaces of the shelf by adding hooks to hang mugs for a coffee bar.


  1. Laundry/Bathroom Room Storage

For anyone with a smaller bathroom or laundry room, clutter is unavoidable. An easy way to manage this is to create more storage. It gives the walls a little more functionality and eliminates dead space.


  1. Accent Display

This might be the most eclectic use for floating shelves. They are so useful for giving character to a room. A unique feature that draws attention and style, while providing functionality at the same time. They can take the place of art pieces and showcase décor, household plants or break up dead space in a drab hallway. Finish shelves with General Finishes gel stain or milk paint to give it that extra pop of color, or match existing shelves or cabinets.