Installed correctly, kitchen cabinetry can last up to 50 years, but you may not find the look of the cabinets that have been in your home for 30 years before you bought it to be all that appealing. Thankfully, cabinets have a lot of great customization options so your kitchen will look the best it ever has. Kitchen cabinets are a minor inconvenience to live without, so if you have an overhaul in mind, it's a fairly non-invasive home modification to make. But what if you aren't looking to drop a bundle of money on custom-built cabinets? What if you've been bitten by the DIY bug, and are looking for a perfect weekend project that won't cost too much and won't put too much of a damper on daily activities? What if you just want to put some small changes into effect in your kitchen? Luckily, with some simple hardware for cabinets, some invisible hinges, and some paint, you can make some big changes in your kitchen without breaking the bank and without throwing your home into chaos. Let's look at these three small changes that make a big impact.


Painting can be however big or small you want your project to be, and kitchen cabinets can be a simple, easy task to complete in a weekend. You can paint the doors for a pop of color, or paint the entire cabinet over a few weekends. Whatever pace you want to go at, paint is forgiving and easy to work with. And since different paint adheres to different surfaces, you may not have to put much prep work into preparing your cabinets as long as you find the right type of paint. Invest in some brushes and grab some newspaper to keep those drips from staining your countertops, and start on those cabinets. You can even get creative with painters tape and plan out some designs. The color combinations and design options are limited only by your creativity.

Update Old Hinges with Invisible Hinges

Another simple cabinet upgrade comes in the form of invisible hinges. These hinges fit seamlessly against the inside of the door and the cabinet itself, effortlessly creating a modern look with a very simple fix. And if those cabinets always seem to hang open or end up slamming shut, try self-closing or soft close cabinet door hinges. You'll have a stylish upgrade that serves a beneficial purpose after a weekend of work.

Replace Your Cabinet Hardware

If painting cabinets or working with invisible hinges isn't your thing, replace your knobs and handles for a super-simple upgrade that adds a touch of flair and sophistication to your kitchen. This is a minimal-effort project that brings some bright, fresh changes to your kitchen. If you're particularly ambitious, or you don't want to replace those perfectly good knobs, try painting them. You can play with colors or work with creating designs on the surface of the knob for a personal touch that you'll never see in another kitchen.