Kitchen renovations always involve a good deal of work and money. This is in part due to the fact that kitchens involve not only an aesthetic appeal and many different interior design factors, but also various practical appliances. It's important to keep your kitchen up to date, lest your house lose a certain level of value. However, while certain aspects of a kitchen renovation are always prioritized, others tend to fall to the wayside. This holds especially true when it comes to door and cabinet hardware and accessories. Although doors and cabinets are key to most kitchens they can easily be overlooked. With that being said, cabinets alone often take up 40% to 50% of kitchen remodel costs. When you really think about it, this makes sense -- think about how many cabinets a typical kitchen has in general. Furthermore, kitchen cabinets can really change how a kitchen looks following a remodeling job.

When beginning your kitchen remodeling project, you need to map out what you're going to do with your kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, you could easily forget something important. That's why we're delving into some of the renovations you'll want to consider surrounding your kitchen cabinets in particular.

1. Key Locks For Cabinets

Key locks for cabinets are not the typical cabinet locks you're used to, and they aren't going to be right for every cabinet. This might seem a little too complex for your average pantry cabinet, containing just ordinary food. However, if your cabinet houses something a bit more delicate or dangerous, a key lock for cabinets could be the perfect addition. Some cabinets, for example, double as display cases for certain collectibles or art pieces. With a good bit of display case lighting, they could act as centerpieces, of sorts. However, if those objects are breakable, they could easily be taken out of their cabinets and broken. Some people use cabinets to house kitchen knife sets, especially if they like to cook. Key locks for cabinets would be appropriate in this case as well. Again, they're not the right locks for every scenario, but they may be perfect for some.

2. Child Proof Locks

Of course, if you're just worried about children getting into your cabinets, it may be a good idea to get childproof locks instead of key locks. This way, adults are able to access what they need from the cabinets, while children are kept safe. Though childproof locks are usually temporary, it may be a good idea to include them during your renovation if you have or are expecting a child. Furthermore, you may be able to find inobtrusive childproof locks that are less likely to take away from the aesthetic appeal of your cabinets if you take some time to seek them out.

3. Decorative Cabinet Doors

Of course, many renovations are just as much about appearance and interior design as they are about practicality. Your cabinets can greatly affect the overall look of your kitchen -- think about how different a kitchen will look with white cabinets versus natural wood cabinets. Therefore, you'll want to consider different decorative kitchen cabinet doors when planning your renovations. If you don't find the right cabinet doors outright, you could also potentially make the right cabinets through the application of paint or wood stains. Decorative hinge options may also be available, which could add an additional accent to your cabinets' appearances.

Kitchen cabinets may not be as flashy as pizza ovens or kitchen islands; you may not immediately think about revamping them as a part of your remodeling project. However, even the smallest of details can affect the overall look of your kitchen, as we've discussed. And cabinets are hardly small details!