A letter from the carbide teeth all gathered around the blade.

Dear Woodworker,

Imagine starting your day at the flip of a switch and going from 0 to more than 100 miles per hour in a microsecond.  Then you are fed hickory, oak or maple, 2X4’s, plywood, or melamine at rates of up to 50 feet per minute.  It is exhausting and punishing.  Each of us are bite into the wood 60 times per second (3600 times per minute). Friction builds up and our temperatures rise.  This continues relentlessly minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, for weeks.  Still things need to stay cool because if we get too hot the wood will scorch. How do we do it?

As carbide teeth we have shining facets like a diamond with relief angles and radial clearance angles ground behind our faces to keep us sharp and cutting. But we can only take so much. Eventually, backwash and pitch of fibers and wood oils begin to build on those relief facets; and if the junk is not removed temperatures will continue to rise. It gets harder and harder for us to process wood with you feeding it at high rates of speed. If something isn’t done, things will get ugly. We will get hot and dirty; there will be burns and scorching on the cutting surface of the wood.

Under the deposits of pitch and punk there we are, still sharp and useful carbide teeth. Only nails, barbed wire, sand, cement and other foreign objects can damage us. But we are finding it hard to overcome the friction caused by the barnacles on our relief angles. You can feel the resistance as you feed. You need to provide some tender loving care. When we get dirty, we need to be cleaned, polished and refreshed.

Get out the CMT bit and blade cleaner. Spritz or drench us in the cleaner and wash all of our facets, the front, back, sides, and the blade. Wipe us dry and we are like brand new.  We do not need to go for a sharpening.  Just scrub us up and put us back in the table saw where we belong.  We are good for hours, days, weeks and even years of more useful service.  Feed the wood at any rate you like; we are there for you.  Eventually, by and by, you may need to sharpen us but usually we just want to be cleaned up.

Best regards

Carbide Teeth. 

CMT makes professional industrial grade 10” and 12” cabinet saw blades that are available to cabinet shops and woodworkers.  CMT saw blades are a best in the industry product and will provide years, even decades of useful life.  They need to be sharpened from time to time but usually just a good cleaning with CMT bit and blade cleaner is all that is needed.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions on orders, products, alternatives, projects, etc.  Our staff are ready to help Monday thru Friday 8am - 5pm CST. 

Our toll free number is 800-383-0130 or email us at info@wwhardware.com.