As much as we like to keep our homes clean and dry, unfortunately, stuff leaks. Sinks drip and splash all over your kitchen counters and cabinets. Kids track muddy shoes in the house to leak all over your entryway. Food and even cleaning supplies can leak, leaving sticky messes in their wake. That's why some genius invented the humble but ever-useful drip tray. Drip trays come in all shapes and sizes to help neat homeowners like yourself contain the mess. If you're tired of dealing with liquidy disasters in your home, try these innovative yet simple tools for mess containment. Here are just a few different drip trays every home needs: Shoe Trays Encourage visitors and families to kick off their shoes without making a mess with a shoe-containing drip tray. These handy mats feature a raised lip to keep shoes neater and to prevent water, mud, or snow melt from spilling across your entryway. In any neat (or carpeted) home, a shoe tray is a must. Silverware Trays and Kitchen Organizers Silverware drawers are often located directly beneath your counter top. During cooking and baking projects, it's easy for food and liquid spills to infiltrate your drawers. And, since 47% of millennials and 41% of baby boomers are likely to choose white cabinets, these spills can result in obvious, unsightly stains. With plastic silverware organizers and other drawer liners, keeping tomato sauce and chocolate from staining your white drawers has never been easier. Simply remove the plastic organizer whenever it becomes soiled to prevent stains as well as bacteria and mold growth over time. Under Sink Drip Trays Even leak-free sinks can drip excess water when condensation accumulates on the cold pipe. An under sink drip tray offers the perfect solution for unwanted moisture in your sink cabinet. Simply lay the tray at the bottom of the cupboard below the pipes, and remove for cleaning whenever necessary. This simple plastic piece will keep wood cabinets from becoming saturated or rotten. Laundry Soap Drip Tray Many laundry rooms feature wire racks mounted on shelf brackets, offering a perfect place to store laundry soap and fabric softener. However, these sticky soaps tend to make a mess when poured. Contain the chaos by placing an under sink drip tray beneath your bottles for drip-free soap storage. Sometimes, the most useful and important household tools go overlooked. The humble drip tray just might be the queen of underappreciated mess containment equipment. For a neater home with fewer spills, invest in these four inexpensive drip trays today.