Blum discontinued the Compact 31 face frame hinge years ago and recently discontinued the Compact 33 hinge.  The Compact 33 has been very popular and millions of them are in households today.  What will you do when you need to replace one, two or maybe all the hinges for your customer or yourself. This article gives you the best answer.

To make it simple you need to remove the mounting plate that is attached to the cabinet face frame and take a close look.  You will find the hinge overlay stamped somewhere on the mounting plate.  Use that information and the chart below to order hinge replacements.

Be aware that some hinges do not have exact replacements.

All hinges have a +/- adjustment of 1/16Th of an inch for door overlay.

When you order a hinge, you will get both the hinge and the mounting plate. 

Your new hinge cup will fit exactly in the hinge cup hole already in your door.  Your new mounting plate fits in the exact location of the old one. It is a clip style hinge and plate making it easy to attach the door to the face frame mounting plates.  The hinges and plates have 3 way came adjustments. 

Note; If you are ordering replacement hinges it is unlikely you will need to order hinges with dowels (press-in). When you remove the old hinge leave the dowels from the old hinge in place and screw on the new hinge cup. 

That’s all there is to it. 

These hinges and mounting plates are also ideal for new construction.

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