Whether you're looking at choices for display case lighting or under cabinet lighting, there are two main options that create different effects on the light's subject. All types of lighting will certainly help with being able to see things more clearly, but they differ in how they focus light and what look they give a space. The appearance is important for under cabinet lighting especially, as homeowners can spend an average of almost $70,000 on a large kitchen remodel, as they do in San Francisco. Know the key differences between the lighting varieties and pick the one right for you.


Strip Lighting


This form of display case lighting is often used to evenly illuminate an entire shelf of the case. For under cabinet purposes, it is an effective form of task lighting. Strip lighting can come in either LED lights or fluorescent lights. The fluorescent variety was popular for decades, but has recently given way to LED lights. Homeowners tended to find the light of fluorescent fixtures unpleasant and the glare they produce too overbearing. The LED varieties are more energy efficient and produce a softer glow. This light is still effective as task lighting, while complimenting elements like furniture wood stains more attractively.


Puck Lighting


As opposed to the strip form of strip lighting, puck lights resemble hockey pucks in their round shape. They're also known as spot lights, as they provide a more concentrated beam of light than strip lighting. For display case lighting purposes, these work very well for objects that you want to be spotlighted. If you have an impressive antique or award that you want to highlight, incorporating puck lighting can be very effective. For under cabinet use, round lights are typically the fixtures seen in recessed lighting. They tend to fit under cabinets more snugly than strip lights and can provide extensive coverage if placed at regular intervals under the cabinets.


Choosing your lighting can be as big of a decision as choosing your cabinet doors and hardware. It will determine how your home looks when the sun sets and can change the entire mood of a home. Be sure to choose lighting that not only fills your practical needs but also looks good in your home.