barn door hardware

Choosing the design aesthetic for any remodeling project is the hardest part, but often the most important. Homeowners everywhere are turning to the rustic style for kitchen remodels because it gives them a sense of old world home, even when it features all new cabinet paint or barn door hardware for furniture. Consider these ideas in your kitchen remodel to bring traditional country living into your modern home.


  1. Cabinets With ColorDuring kitchen remodels, the cabinets typically make up 40% to 50% of the total costs. They are the main focus in any kitchen and often speak to the entire kitchen's design style. Rather than keeping your rustic cabinets plain and wooden, consider painting them. Denim blue creates a pop of interesting, yet calming color in any kitchen. For those wanting an even more rustic feel, go for primitive painting on your cabinets so that they look time-worn and well-loved. This style of cabinet design will make your kitchen feel inviting to any guests who enter.
  2. Light And Airy WoodTo encourage plenty of natural light to flow into your home, keep any wood elements light in color. This includes the flooring, shelving, countertops, and cabinets. A ceiling with wooden beams in a light wood stain will create a feeling of openness and airiness in your kitchen. Painting any of these features a simple white will give your kitchen a clean, English country look that lends itself to a beautiful brand of rustic.
  3. Rustic In The DetailsWhen you don't want your entire kitchen to scream rustic, you can still get the general aesthetic by incorporating rustic details. Choose barn door hardware for furniture, such as cabinet pulls and drawer knobs. Door and cabinet hardware in dark iron will add interesting country accents to light or painted cabinets while bringing country elements into your kitchen. Barn door hardware for furniture can also be included in kitchen shelving, breakfast bar seating, and spice storage.
  4. Focus On The FloorsThe right flooring will lay the foundation for your rustic kitchen. Oak floors are a durable choice and naturally come in a perfect finish, right in between light and dark. Oak flooring will compliment copper hardware and dark wood cabinets if you're going for a wood-heavy design. A large diamond tile design also works well in rustic kitchens. Alternate between two complementary colors for the best eye-catching design and keep the kitchen cabinetry and counters fairly simple.
  5. Stone ElementsIf you're tired of designs based in wood, opt for stone as your base material. The simplest way to include beautiful stone is with your countertops, especially in a large kitchen island. You can also have an accent wall made of stone, a flagstone floor, or a large kitchen fireplace made of stone.

Achieving a rustic design in your kitchen can create a space that is inviting, warm, and incredibly homey. Whether you focus on the hardware for cabinet doors, the perfect countertop finish, or exposed wood ceiling beams, you'll reach the perfect level of rustic.