Decorative Hardware:  Updating the Jewelry for your Cabinetry

Decorative cabinet hardware adds style and functionality to kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms, but choosing hardware can seem intimidating.  With so many manufacturers, styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with “analysis paralysis.”  Below are a few tips to help narrow the search, simplifying your decorative cabinet hardware update.  

Take Measurements

First, it is critical to determine the size of the hardware to be replaced to ensure it will fit.  Pulls, also known as handles, have two screws that hold them in place, while knobs only have one.  The distance between the screws on the pull is the center to center dimension, and is often referred to as the size of the pull.  Some pulls are measured using standard and others are metric, so be sure to take measurements in both metric and standard.  To find the center to center dimension, simply remove the screws on the pull from the drawer or door to be replaced, and using a ruler with both metric and standard markings, measure the center of one hole to the center of the other hole in the pull.  Then use that measurement to narrow your search for only pulls that will fit.

Choose a Finish

Once the size has been determined, it’s time to choose a finish or color.  Woodworker’s Hardware stocks decorative cabinet knobs and pulls from Amerock, Berenson Hardware, Hickory Hardware and Belwith Keeler.  These manufacturers produce beautiful hardware in colors and finishes to suit anyone’s taste.  Choose from warm, dark colors like Oil Rubbed Bronze or Vintage Bronze, to industrial finishes like Stainless Steel and Chrome, or perhaps transitional finishes including Satin Nickel, Weathered Nickel, or Satin Bronze.  Take into account the color of your cabinetry and whether the hardware should be subtle and blend in, or be bold and stand out.  

Review Style Options

Style is arguably the most subjective aspect of choosing new cabinet hardware.  Sometimes choosing knobs and pulls that mimic the same look as the existing, but in a different finish or color, is all it takes to make a dramatic difference.  Other times changing the style and maintaining the finish or color will be enough to update the look.  Spending time going over different styles and making an educated choice will pay off once your hardware is installed.  No matter what the size, style, finish, or color of hardware you are looking for, Woodworker’s Hardware has a deep inventory of the knobs or pulls to compliment any cabinetry.
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