People often ask what is the best way to clean my kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. A mild soap and water is the best way, using harsh chemical and abrasive cleaners will actually remove the clear coat finish that will wreck your handles. This will often void any warranty as this is not the recommended way to clean cabinet hardware.  We reached out to our suppliers to have them send their best recommendations on cleaning their hardware and wanted to share these with you. Amerock When necessary, all Amerock hardware is best cleaned with warm water, mild soap and dried immediately with a soft cloth. Berenson When necessary, our decorative hardware is best cleaned with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning products, or window cleaner. Over time, the use of such products will result in the removal of the protective coating. Belwith / Hickory Hardware Wipe the surface of the hardware with a damp (not wet), soft cloth that is clean (no leftover chemicals or detergents) and non-abrasive (not terry-cloth or other 'scratchy' materials). Moisten the cloth only with water. The best recommendation for soft cloth is either a clean rag or a piece of an old T-shirt   Always best to follow the manufacturers recommendations on cleaning your hardware, hopefully the above tips will keep your hardware clean and in tip top shape for years to come.