I like FastCap’s peel and stick edgebanding, so I hung it up on a curtain rod down under my work bench, it works real good. I have been doing a lot of edgebanding lately, I gobbled up almost 500 feet of it and I really like it, it’s good stuff. It’s a product that we sell, the FastCap peel and stick (FCFESP 1516 250WH); it’s self-adhesive, so it’s easy to work with. You don’t have to have all the equipment in the world. It’s the FastCap FastEdge, and it comes in a roll of 50 or 250 feet and 15/16ths of an inch, I have the white. You have to have the edge of the material really clean when you apply it. Then I use my j-roller (VIPR300) to roll it on real good.

Virutex makes a really nice edge trimmer (VIRC21E), I like using this edge trimmer as you just pop her in place, pull the trigger, and get a nice cut. On both ends of the edgebanding, put the trimmer in place, squeeze her up tight, pull the trigger, and it’s done, well the edge trimming is done. Now, you have to trim the sides of the edgebanding, and I have been using the same trimmer for almost 500 feet of this stuff and don’t see any need to sharpen it yet, it doesn’t even seem to be close. You just pinch the trimmer and let her rip, pulling it along the edge. It’s really a nice hand-held trimmer by Virutex, the part number for this is V-I-A-U-93 (VIAU 93), you should get you one of these. It does a really good job with edgebanding, it cuts it real clean, and it will save you a lot of time. I haven’t got a lot of time, this is a big project, and I should have never taken her on; but it sure is fun, I’ve got a couple of cabinets done. So, edgebanding from FastCap, peel and stick, and the Virutex edge planers, are really good products.

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