Cabinets with heavy duty hidden hinges are nearly universal, with most home improvement stores putting these useful pieces of hardware at the center of their hinge options. These invisible hinges can be used in the 10.2 million kitchens or 14.2 million bathrooms that are remodeled annually, as they work on any cabinet door. While the main benefit of concealed hinges is to create a sleek, streamlined look for your cabinetry, there are several practical benefits as well.

Improved Functionality

Heavy duty hidden hinges are exceptionally sturdy and durable. They also allow a cabinet door to open a full 180 degrees, rather than stopping at a cumbersome diagonal. These hinges allow the cabinet doors to lay flush with the cabinet frames, giving your entire cabinetry a smooth, continuous look. Cabinets can utilize decorative hinge options, giving a kitchen or bathroom a defined style, but by doing so they can cut up a room and interrupt its flow. If you have a sleek and modern design in mind, hidden hinges are the way to go.

Easily Adjustable

Minor imperfections during construction are very common, but using heavy duty hidden hinges can help to mask those mistakes. When a cabinet door hangs a little to the left or right, you're less likely to notice the imbalance when there is no hinge on the outside that looks crooked. If the hinge being slightly off center does bother you, the hinges are very easy to adjust and line up the doors correctly.


As compared to traditional hinges that go on the outside of cabinet doors, hidden hinges make it very easy to attach the door to the cabinet.  The majority of concealed hinges are designed to simply clip on and off without any tools. This feature also makes them easy to take off, so when you want to clean the cabinets or change the doors, you can easily remove and replace them. When you install concealed hinges, you don't need any additional hardware as you would with traditional hinges.

Hidden hinges are a popular choice for many homeowners and contractors because of their usability and their invisible appearance. They are also virtually silent, reducing the banging of cabinets in your home and the risk of pinching fingers. Use hidden hinges in your next kitchen or bath remodel and experience the cabinets you could have.