Paper towels, cloth rags, or something in between... how do you make the right choice? Let me tell you about one really good "in-betweener". It is neither a paper towel nor a cloth rag. It is the SuperTuff Shop Towel available from Woodworker’s Hardware. This is a very good shop towel with a cloth-like feel and they are super absorbent and strong. Use these wipers wet or dry, they can really take a licking. If you are fixing to use them in your shop you will be happy with the choice but don’t let anyone get their hands on them. They are likely to keep them. If your wife makes the discovery she may move them to the kitchen, the bathroom or the laundry room. You might find them in the sewing room. My wife uses them in the sewing room when she is ironing on interfacing. I don’t lose a lot of towels this way but having them in her hands just gives her more ideas. Keep them away from your wife. Primarily for me they are a shop rag for wiping stain and excess glue. They also work for wiping the dust when sanding between coats of finish. Really, anything you would use a paper towel for, these will work too... only much better! They work for what you would use a cloth towel for... but less expensive! Wash your windows with them or clean the car. Blow your nose. They are that soft. Don’t get any crazy ideas... they are not flushable. There are (200) 10 x 12 inch sheets on a roll and they are in a self-dispensing box. On one hand, it may be you that found these towels. On the other hand, your wife is the one that found the towels and you are the one coveting them. Either way, keep your eye on them. They have a way of disappearing. One box of these makes a great gift but two boxes prevents fighting. Made in the USA!