There are a myriad of ways to upgrade cabinetry, but perhaps the most dramatic is with LED lighting.  Think about it – you enter a dark room or space, flip the light switch, and voila!  That same room or space now looks and feels inviting.  Let’s take a look at some ideas to breathe life into cabinets using LED lighting.


Under Cabinet

Under cabinet LED lighting casts light down onto the surface below, adding light without drawing attention to the light’s source.  Serving a dual purpose, under cabinet lighting adds warmth to a space and illuminates work surfaces.  Adding under cabinet LED lighting is a great first upgrade, and you can use either flexible LED tape light or LED spot lights.


Toe Kick and Under Counter

You may not have thought to light up the floor, but here we have an opportunity to add ambiance and safety.  A toe kick, that space where your feet can slide under the base cabinet a bit, can be lit up with LED tape light, allowing you to engulf the floor with light.  Using the same type of LED tape light, an overhanging countertop can be used to illuminate the floor further.  These options can be used together or separately.


Inside Cabinets

Have you ever tried to peer inside of a corner cabinet, only to be frustrated because you can’t see inside because it’s too dark?  By using LED linear lighting or LED tape lighting and a cabinet door light switch, inside cabinet lighting can be achieved without having to grab a flashlight.  The light comes on when you open the cabinet door, and turns off when you close the cabinet door.


These are only a few examples of how you can bring your cabinets to life with LED lighting.