Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular renovations in the United States. Because they offer an amazing return on investment, many homeowners undertake the task wholeheartedly; they're committed to changing and upgrading everything in the room, from the cabinet locks and pulls to the accent lighting and flooring wood stains.Unfortunately, your cabinetry is going to take up the bulk of your budget. By deciding to refinish your old cabinets rather than purchasing and installing brand new ones, you can save a profound amount of money without sacrificing your kitchen's overall aesthetic. Here are three reasons why General Finishes milk paint is the best choice for your kitchen cabinets.
  • All Natural: Milk paint is one of the oldest types of paint in the world. Because it is comprised exclusively of dried milk, pigment, and lime, it is all-natural. This means that you won't need to aerate your home or spend money on expensive protective clothing when painting your cabinets; no one in your home will be harmed by the fumes or chemicals in milk paint because there aren't any!
  • Water Based: Milk paint comes in a pre-mixed form, ready to use right out of the gate. It comes with the water already mixed in, making water-based milk paint. As a result, it's simple to clean up and doesn't stain clothing.
  • Artistic Finish: The final appearance is what makes most people fall in love with milk paint. Whether you're a millennial and want to paint your cabinets white (as 47% do) or a baby boomer who's more interested in traditional colors, the rustic aesthetic offered by milk paint will appeal to you. Though you'll need a few coats and some light sanding in between, you'll find that the pigments will shine through in a way usually only seen in old farmhouses. This time-worn look is exceptionally popular.
If you're looking to transform your kitchen, you don't need to break the bank in the process. By refinishing your cabinets with milk paint, you can achieve a look that revitalizes the space in an affordable, cost-effective way.