Who doesn’t have an unruly kitchen drawer full of utensils and kitchen gadgets? Maybe you struggle to find the perfect shade of lipstick in your bathroom vanity drawer full of cosmetics. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep those items organized and in their place so you can find them quickly and easily? Using drawer organizers is a great way to keep items neat and ready to use. Let’s take a look at a couple of options.

Wood Organizers
Wood cutlery and utensil drawer inserts add a richness and a custom feel to drawers, especially wood drawers. Wood units are usually made from maple or birch hardwood and plywood, and coated with a clear finish for durability. Pre-built kits consist of a frame with movable dividers, and their sizes will need to be considered to make sure they will fit your drawer. Also available are insert kits with modular parts that can be trimmed to fit, allowing for more flexibility than their pre-made counterparts. Specialized wood drawer inserts for coffee pods, knives, and spice jars can also be utilized to keep things in their places.

Polymer Organizers
Polymer cutlery and utensil drawer inserts are cost-effective solutions for keeping your items in place. These inserts are one-piece, sturdy trays meant to be trimmed to fit just about any size drawer you may have. There are many configurations available to suit your organizational needs. Since most polymer organizers are white, they coordinate well with the white drawers that are commonly used in today’s cabinetry.

No matter what type of drawers you have, there is a drawer organizer solution to suit your needs.