I like my little bathroom, it’s nice and bright, it’s easy to see. I have the finest toilet paper dispenser in the country, I can get a lot of toilet paper in there, 20 rolls, you could get burgled for having that much toilet paper. Plus, another thing I like about this room, is it’s smells so good. But still, there’s something about this room that stinks. You know what that is? It’s the drawers, they make so much noise closing, I hate that. Also, when I shut the drawers they bounce back, I hate that bounce back. Some people like to say that that’s rebound. Well, I don’t care what you call it, I don’t like it. Too much noise, too much bounce back, and too much rebound. Well, you know why that is? It’s because the drawer slide has been installed improperly. This is the number one mistake that’s made when installing bearing drawer slides. Now it isn’t the fault of the drawer slide, it’s just installed improperly. This is a really nice KV drawer slide (KV8400 B), but just the tiniest little mistake and you get that stuff.

You’re probably wondering what’s the problem, what’s wrong with it? It’s called a drawer runner setback. The runner on the ball bearing drawer slide is supposed to be set back 1/8 of an inch from the drawer front. If you don’t set it back 1/8 of an inch, when you shut the drawer, it’s going to slam against the drawer front. It can even knock the drawer front loose after a time. So, what they missed is to give a runner setback right by the drawer front, 1/8 of an inch. Another mistake sometimes people do, is they don’t put a setback on the drawer member, but they do put a setback on the cabinet member, and that doubles the problem. So, what we’re going to discuss today is this runner setback for the drawer member, 1/8 of an inch. That’s the mistake, we’re going to fix it, and put an end to that bounce back. Now, looking at the cabinet member, sure enough, they put a setback of about a sixteenth of an inch, so that just compounds the problem with that bounce back. Again, it’s a good drawer slide, it’s just installed wrong, so I have to fix it. The cabinet member needs to be lined up flush with the face frame.

Looking at the KV drawer slide, a couple of things of interest, there is a drawer member and a cabinet member, and there’s a little provision to help pull it apart. On the drawer member, one end of the slide pinches on a drawer bumper on the back of the cabinet member, so that’s the feature, when it locks into that properly, that prevents the bounce back. The drawer member needs to be set back an eighth of an inch, while the cabinet member needs to be flush with the face frame. That’s how it works the best. If you don’t have your setback on the drawer member, and if you don’t have the cabinet member flush to the face frame, then your drawer is going to shut and the front of your drawer is going to slam against the face frame and make all that racket, which we don’t like. The drawer member was up there tight to the drawer front, so I needed to move it back. I took an eighth of an inch spacer (HS1840WH), and put it between the drawer front and the front of the drawer member, now I know for a fact that I got the eighth of an inch setback. Then I screwed my drawer member on there. I was holding my tongue to make sure that these things went in there straight, because you have to hold your tongue just a certain way and that goes in nice and straight. Then I can remove the spacer, and there is the 1/8-inch space that we need to make it to that stopper in the back and lock her into place. So we put in the 1/8-inch spacer, line up the drawer member exactly where we want it, and then use a vix bit (VB3) to pilot the hole for the front screw. Now, what you could do, to make it a little easier to do you back one, is get your tongue where you want it, and then put your front one in, then you won’t have to fight so hard to line up the back one. And use the vix bit, because it retracts. Everybody should have a vix bit, a number 3 vix bit, get yourself one of these if you don’t have a vix bit. It gets the holes right smack dab in the center. And here we are, we have the drawer installed, we have the setback where it’s supposed to be. And remember that sound that I didn’t like on there? Well now, it’s completely gone. That is so sweet. Got rid of that stupid bounce back that was in these drawers. Yep, this here is pretty nice.

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