recycling bins

You've designed the perfect remodel for your kitchen, with a beautifully streamlined door and cabinet hardware and soft close drawers. Then, you bring in the recycling bins and realize that you didn't consider this unsightly eyesore. Now the necessary bins stick out like a sore thumb and throw off the design of your lovely kitchen. You can avoid this conundrum by building in storage for the bins from the beginning. Combine utility and design with these sneaky ways to store your recycling bins.

Tilt-Out Cabinet

You can make the recycling bin storage blend in with the rest of the cabinetry by installing a tilt-out cabinet. This low cabinet has a knob that you can pull towards you. The recycling bin will be mounted on the inside of the door, so as you tilt the door out, the cabinet will open from the top and the bin will tip towards you. This allows for easy disposal of recyclables and is also convenient for kids to reach when you want them to dispose of recyclables themselves. If you don't want small children getting into the bins, you can easily add a lock to it.

Sliding Cabinet

This design option also conveniently camouflages your recycling bin with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry. Dedicate a large lower cabinet to the bins and install cabinet drawer slides. Rather than opening a cabinet on traditional hinges, you will slide the cabinet out like a large drawer. This mechanism brings the bins conveniently towards you and then tucks them away again when they're not needed. This is also a great spot to store your garbage can.

Use Space Beneath The Sink

If you don't have any cabinets that you could spare for the bins, consider dedicating the space under the sink to them. This may be where you keep your cleaning supplies, but you can find another storage space for those in the bathroom, laundry room, or spare closet. You can install the drawer slides here as well so that the bins slide out to you when you open the door, or you can simply place them under the sink.

When you're remodeling your kitchen, you spend a lot of money. San Francisco homeowners spent the most money on kitchen remodels out of the top U.S. metro areas with an average of nearly $70,000 for a large kitchen. Get your money's worth in your kitchen remodel and have an attractive place to store your recycling bins.