So, let’s just say you have an old cabinet like I do, and you want to replace the hinges, so you’re going to order some.  When you call, they are going to say, what’s the overlay?  And most people will say I don’t know, they don’t know the overlay.  So, here’s how you figure out what the overlay is.  You want the hinge side of the cabinet when you open the door, you gotta put post-it or a piece of paper in there and line the edge of it up right with the edge of the face frame.  Then you shut the door, and you get your pencil, make you a cute little line on it by the edge of the door, and you pull it off and measure it.  That is the overlay.  Always on the hinge side.  Now, let’s just say this is pretty close to a half inch.  It’s a half inch.  It isn’t baking a cake, you don’t have to be exact.  If it is like 7 and a half sixteenths, it’s a half inch.  Or 13 millimeters, it’s a half inch.  So, you are looking for the overlay on the hinge side when you’re ordering hinges.  You have to be up really close to the edge of the face frame. And then, you shut the door, you make your mark.  And then you pull it out, nothing to it.

Watch how in our YouTube video here.