If your kitchen cabinets need some new life, consider painting them rather than replacing them. Also, know you are not alone! The demand for kitchen cabinet updates in the U.S. is expected to rise to nearly $17 billion by 2021. Painting rather than replacing your cabinets is a smaller, easier undertaking and will still give your kitchen a whole new look. Select Your Paint You will first need to determine what type of cabinets you have if you don't already know. Whether they are metal, wood or laminate, you will need to purchase supplies specific to your cabinet type. Be sure to choose a high-quality acrylic furniture paint as it holds up well and is easy to clean. Choose your color and finish. Paint is generally available in six finishes: flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss. Semi-gloss and satin finish furniture paints are recommended for kitchen painting applications. As for the color, the sky is the limit. Note that interior design colorway trends are changing. For example, while approximately 41% of baby boomers chose white cabinets, that number is up to 47% among millennials. Prep Your Cabinets Be sure to use the necessary safety gear. You should open your windows to allow any fumes to escape and ensure fresh air is circulating in your painting area. Cabinets that have previously been painted can likely simply be painted again, provided that the current paint is in good shape. Prime Your Cabinets Apply primer beginning at the back of the cabinet, moving towards the front. Be sure to use even strokes. Use a small roller for larger surfaces. If the plan is to have white cabinets, be sure to use a stain blocker with a white primer color to it. This will help prevent the bleed through that is notorious for refinishing cabinets in white. Paint Your Cabinets Begin your painting with your cabinet frames. Use a brush for smaller areas and use a roller for larger areas. Cabinet doors and drawers should first be painted on the back. After the back dries, paint the front. You will likely want to apply a second coat after the first coat has dried. Remember to paint items like your cabinet latches, any cabinet locks or childproof locks, and cabinet pulls if you so desire. When your cabinets are finished, put your feet up and enjoy your new cabinets!