Making a room in your home seem light, airy, and fresh is not a problem at all. You don’t need floor to ceiling windows to replicate that bright and modern feel. From adding mirrors to painting, you can create a more vibrant, comfortable, and personalized space for yourself. Continue reading to learn how.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors is the perfect way to create more dimension when you're decorating your personal or family space. It gives the illusion of more space and reflects the light coming into the room perfectly. Install one above the mantel, or lean a huge mirror against the hall. Don’t overdo it, however. As a rule of thumb, add one functional mirror and one accent piece. In other words, something you don’t mind getting fingerprints on, and another that’s out of reach but fits the aesthetic of your home.

Paint the walls and fixtures using light colors

Light colors on the walls allows a room to feel more vibrant and spacious. Light colors are able to accomplish that by reflecting the light and brightening up the room. Additionally, paint the moldings a lighter color than the walls. This contrast creates the illusion of the walls being further back, which adds to that spacious feeling. Keep in mind that paint adheres to more porous materials. By using a product like General Finishes Milk Paint, this allows a person to repaint already finished products with minimal prep work. For example, paint adheres to wood best since the wood gives something to paint to cling onto. If your painting over something less porous like plastic, try to use a primer for accents for furniture. Or use a specially formulated furniture paint. Use light colors like shades of baby blue, beige, and eggshell. If you’re painting the walls, make sure to always have an accent wall to keep the colors from feeling too bland.

Use accent lighting

Accent lighting can highlight specific areas of your home by bringing in more light and focus. Traditionally accent lighting focuses on a particular area or prized object. If there is a piece of art you’d like to draw attention to, or maybe the prized collectible, adding a floodlight or sconce can create depth to the room while highlighting a meaningful possession or decoration. The Eurolinx LED Strip Light from Tresco lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your backsplash with its specially designed beam spread to highlight your new tiled backsplash.

Keep the area clean

Nothing shrinks your space down more than clutter. Having too much stuff piled around creates a cramped feeling in a room. Find clever and discreet ways of adding multiple waste baskets and trash bins into the area. Add the receptacles under the sink or in cabinets. Also has discreet storage bins for the things you use on a regular basis. Consider baskets under the coffee table or by the side of an easy chair, or couch, for example. A little bit of tidying and organization can go a long way towards creating a more welcoming space.


Working and living in an environment filled with light and vibrancy can improve your mood and increase your productivity. You don’t need to find a home or apartment with huge windows to bring a bit of that fresh and clean air in. By instilling a few of these tips into your home like adding accent lighting and giving your walls and furniture a fresh new coat of color, you can brighten up your space easily and painlessly.