kitchen organizers

Many renters are cursed with ugly rental kitchens when they move into a new apartment. And, unfortunately for these renters, renovating isn't always an option unless the property owner is super on board with it.

The good news is there are a few ways you can update your rental kitchen without any major renovations. Even better, you don't even have to worry about losing your security deposit.

That said, consider the following tips to give your rental kitchen a serious facelift without busting out the sledgehammer.

Switch out your hardware

One of the biggest issues with rental kitchens is that they often have outdated or busted hardware. Fortunately, hardware is one of the easiest things to update.

Just unscrew the old cabinet handles and drawer pulls, and remove them. Keep your rental hardware in a bag so you can replace them again later when you move out.

You want to choose hardware that matches up with the drill holes on your cabinets and drawers so you don't have to drill a new hole into them. New drawer slides ensure your drawers open and close easily without squeaking or having to tug.

Install cabinet lighting

LED cabinet lighting is not only sleek and contemporary but it's also incredibly easy to install and remove, making it perfectly renter-friendly. Look for a hardware store that offers spot lights, strip lighting, canister lighting, and specialty lighting for different accent and task applications.

This will ensure you'll be able to find the type of lighting you want for your kitchen cabinets all in one place.

Add a removable backsplash

One of the biggest trends right now among rental kitchens and homeowner kitchens alike is the removable backsplash. Removable backsplash allows you to peel and stick a backsplash temporarily in your kitchen without damaging the walls.

This is great for two reasons: you don't have to worry about damaging your property and you don't need to worry about committing to a single design. If you put up one backsplash and then later decide it's not your style, you can remove it and put up a different one.

Looking for hardware and materials to update your kitchen?

Cabinets generally account for 40% to 50% of a total kitchen remodel. But hardware and other materials such as kitchen organizers and cabinet pulls can give your kitchen the facelift it needs without having to install new cabinetry.

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