Homeowners in San Francisco spend the most money on kitchen remodels out of the top 20 metro areas in the United States, averaging nearly $70,000 for a large kitchen. One of the most common design requests in newly remodeled or built kitchens is the installation of soft-closing hinges for cabinets and drawers. Hinges may seem like a minuscule detail in the grand scheme of kitchen design, but soft-closing hinges can make a big difference in the comfort and utility of your home.

Makes Multitasking Easy

When you are making dinner and grabbing everything you need out of cabinets and drawers, your arms can fill up fast and closing every space that you've opened becomes a challenge and sometimes an afterthought. And if you have small children or pets in the house that see any open cabinet as an opportunity for mischief, the challenge can turn into a disaster. With a soft-closing hinge, all you have to do is give your drawer or cabinet a little push and it will close itself.

Extends The Life Of Your Cabinetry

Constantly slamming drawers and cabinets quickly wears them out. Marks can form on the cabinet frames from doors that are roughly shut and cracks and dents can form on the doors themselves. Soft close hinges reduce the stress put on doors, drawers, and their frames, and reduces friction on the hinges themselves. With regular hinges, you may find yourself replacing them in a few years after they've taken the brunt of the door-closing force.

Gives Your Kitchen A Clean Look

Soft-closing hinges are installed on the inside of their fixtures, so you will only see the wood or finish of your newly remodeled kitchen cabinetry. After years of living with these cabinets, you won't find the metal hinges rusting or collecting dirt and dust in their crevices. Instead, you will have hidden hinges and your eyes can roam over your seamlessly designed kitchen cabinets.

No More Slamming Drawers Or Pinched Fingers

Perhaps the biggest advantage of soft close drawers and cabinets is how quiet they are. You won't have to worry about disturbing everyone else in the house when you're working quickly in the kitchen, because your cabinetry will never slam with soft-closing hinges. They are especially suited for a home with children prone to letting the doors slam, giving you much needed peace and quiet. Younger children who are still learning their way around a kitchen won't have to face getting their fingers pinched or slammed in a closing drawer because they shut so softly. Soft-closing, concealed hinges are not only made for your kitchen cabinetry, but for doorways, bathrooms, and anywhere in your home where doors or drawers close. Choosing them over standard hardware will make every room in your home quiet, peaceful, and user friendly.