Recently I erected some shelves on our deck for flower pots. DiAnne was really impressed. She gave me favorable facial expressions with bright eyes and smiles. Watch the video and see why she loved it.

The inspiration for the flower pot shelving came from a shelf bracket I used in the garage to support a cabinet that was breaking down from too much weight. They call the bracket a “Workstation Bracket”. That terminology makes one think it is for workstations only. That ain't so. This bracket has many practical uses as I have found out. You can use them right side up or down with the reversible design. It just does not matter. The long leg of the bracket can be used for the shelf or the short leg, that doesn’t matter either.

For sure the brackets are intended for heavy duty use but they are not overpriced for light duty applications. They come in pairs, left and right. The main reason to select this shelf bracket is ease of application. Some call these cantilever supports. I don’t even know what cantilever means. But I do know what these brackets are and what they can do. I will give you some ideas.
1. Workstation Shelving. Heavy duty rough stuff like working on motors and equipment. Thus the name.
2. Garage storage
3. Computer workstations - Notched for wire management or a running shelf cleat
4. Great for supporting a countertop