hardware for cabinet doors

Everybody loves a kitchen remodel. With home decor and renovation channels like HGTV hosting dozens of inspiring shows, it's no surprise that 10.2 million kitchens are remodeled every year; whether you favor Chip and Joanna Gaines or The Property Brothers, you're bound to discover some beautiful and elegant ideas for your own kitchen. And what's the most important aspect of any kitchen? Why, the cabinetry, of course!

So, you've caught the remodel bug and want to replace those decades-old cabinets with something more modern and stylish. Fortunately for you, you have literally hundreds of options for every nuanced detail regarding your kitchen cabinets: from cabinet pulls and fasteners to shelf brackets and soft close drawer slides, the options are seemingly limitless. We're going to focus exclusively on hardware for cabinet doors, so let's take a look at three choices.

  • Knobs: Knobs are extremely practical finishes that can bring new life to your cabinetry. They are available in either one-piece (with built-in screws) or two-piece (which has a separate top and fastener) designs, and are frequently 1/2-inch in diameter. However, practical doesn't necessarily mean boring: knobs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including crystal and novelty designs.
  • Pulls: Cabinet handles serve the same function as a knob but are usually larger and require more screws to secure. Keep in mind that drawer pulls should not be placed dead-center if they are below eye-level; the eye distorts your perception when you're looking down at something, so be sure to attach them 1/2-inch higher than the center line.
  • Backplates: Backplates play multiple roles. Because they rest between the cabinet and its hardware, they can add surface protection, decorative appeal, and cover any exposed holes from previous hardware. As such, they can be either subtle or extremely bold.

Many consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home; it is where dinner is made (and eaten, since open floor plans have become more popular) and often encompasses the aesthetic of the entire house. No matter what your personal preferences are, you will be able to find hardware for cabinet doors that speaks to you and your design interests. Whether you're gutting the whole room or simply upgrading specific features of it, your kitchen will be transformed.