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When you remodel your bathroom, you may expect to encounter large concerns, like plumbing issues or struggling between choosing tub models, but you have to focus on the small details too. When the average cost for a master bathroom remodel comes to about $11,700, even the small parts, such as the bath hardware, are just as important as the large aspects of your bathroom remodel. If you don't know where to start when you pick out the best bath hardware, here are some helpful tips to ease your decision. Its possible to make all the elements work together. Knobs, pulls, towel bars and robe hooks can match in finish and style with other elements of the bathroom.

Keep Scale In Mind
When you have large pieces of furniture, you need a knob or handle to match it. While more homeowners are bending the rules when it comes to what decorative knobs and pulls they install on their cabinets, you don't want it to look out of place when the remodel is over. If you use cabinet pulls that are too large or too small, it can also interfere with the functionality of your bathroom. And after paying a hefty sum for a full bathroom remodel, you will want even the smallest elements to work perfectly.

Consider Your Home's Style
If you're having trouble choosing your bath hardware, look to your home's overall style for reference. Your home's overarching style should also dictate the style of your bathroom, giving you a good starting point for picking out hardware. Common styles include traditional, contemporary, and transitional.

Traditional is a style that is exactly what it sounds like and can work for a wide variety of homes and families. Contemporary covers a range of more modern styles and transitional is a blend of the other two, featuring simple curved lines for an easy visual movement. Transitional and contemporary styles tend to fit a home with those architectural styles.

Mix or Match?
The decision of whether or not to match all of your bath hardware is another one that will ultimately influence the way your bathroom looks. Many interior designers prefer to have matching hardware in a bathroom for a more uniform look so that the focal point of the design isn't interrupted. But some homeowners don't like how it all looks the same. For instance, decorative hinge options in brass could look very elegant, but they would make for a sharp contrast if you have nickel faucets and pulls. Even if your hardware doesn't completely match, it should be in the same metal and finish for a more completed look.

The great thing about bathroom hardware is that it can be easily switched out if you find that it isn't working for you anymore. Choose the hardware that speaks to your preferences and will make your bathroom pop, and you can't go wrong.

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