Have you ever seen a mix ratio cup like the type used for mixing paint? If you have then you have noticed all the numbers on the cup. When I was going to use one to mix paint the first time I nearly went into afib. I am better now. DiAnne (that’s my wife) told me to calm down and figure it out. So I did and you can see how smart I am on the video.On the top row I found mix ratio options like 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1. Sometimes the ratio moved out a third or 4th stage like 4:1:1 and so on. That was easy, no panic, no nothing. It’s the columns that overwhelmed me. Columns and columns of numbers in boxes staggered along was hard to grasp. The numbers don’t mean anything. They are not ounces or grams, they are just references from one column to the next. The manufacturer could have used letters of the alphabet or emojis and it might have worked better.Lets do one. The ratio is 8:1:1. We want 8 parts of white, 1 part of blue and 1 part of thinner or reducer. I am going to use the reference number of 4 on the mixing cup.In the column for 8 parts red I fill the cup to the reference number 4.In the column for 1 part blue I add blue until I reach the four in that column.In the column for 1 part thinner I add thinner until I reach the 4 in that column.Its done.I stir it up and go about my painting.You should get yourself some of these.This is a hint; if you don’t need much paint use the small numbers in the column. If you want to fill the cup use the higher numbers in the column.Disclaimer; I don’t expect you to understand what I wrote above. I can’t understand what I wrote either but I do know how to use a mix ratio cup. Watch the video.