Years ago drawers in kitchen cabinets were seldom wider than 24 inches.  Standard widths for drawers were from 12 to 24 inches.  Now-a-days the trend is for wider drawers, much wider.  The wider drawer is very practical because it provides more efficient storage of pots, pans and other large items.  Wider drawers in garage cabinets is also more common today.   While the wider drawers are very practical they also have an inherent drawback, racking.  Racking is annoying.  It occurs when a drawer is pulled open and it gets stuck because one side of the drawer is farther out than the other.  Good chance you know what I am talking about if you have a wide bedroom dresser or chest of drawers.   On wide drawer dressers the manufacture sometimes puts a handle on each side of the drawer.  He hopes you will pull both at once and then you might not experience racking. In kitchen cabinets wide drawers usually will have a very wide pull that reaches from left to right, almost the full width of the drawer front.   If you pull the drawer open from one side or the other, you could experience racking.   To prevent racking pull from both sides of the drawer with the same force.   If you are fortunate enough to have the Blum tandem or the Blum Movento runners the manufacturer makes available a device for wide drawers called a “Lateral Stabilizer”.   The “Lateral Stabilizer” synchronizes the left and right drawer runners to prevent racking and increase stability. You can pull the drawer open any way you like and will not experience racking.   The Lateral Stabilizer is available for drawers up to 53” wide. Allow an extra ¾” behind the drawer runner for installation of the Lateral Stabilizer.  If you are thinking of building new cabinets or dressers use the Blum Tandem or Movento drawer runners and the Lateral Stabilizer on drawers wider than 24”.  They make wide drawers function like a dream.   For Tandem drawer runners………. BZST.686TU For Movento drawer runners…….. BZS7M686MU GR