An Easy to Install Remote Controlled Electronic Lock!

Have you ever heard of the StealthLock by CompX National? Well, let me tell you a little about it.

This lock, it’s very useful in your home, or in your shop, anywhere really. It’s a remote-controlled lock that’s easy to install. For traditional locks, someone has to drill a hole in the door to put a lock in it. You maybe don’t want to do that, you have a nice cabinet and you want to lock up something important, maybe it’s papers or medicines that you have to have locked up. Since you don’t want to do the drilling, it’s a nice thing that you can secure it without doing so with this. It isn’t really very difficult to install. The black box piece is the lock itself, it’s also the receiver. It gets the signal to it to lock or unlock the door. You simply put it inside the cabinet, either on the side the top, or the bottom surface, any way you want, and then put some screws in it, and now that’s installed. The next thing that you do, is take this little white tape off of the end of the lock, shut the door, pull it open, and your strike is attached where it needs to be on the door, and put the screws on it. That lock is installed. Then just put your program in to the remote control, whatever key you want to use to lock and unlock your cabinet. The StealthLock by CompX National.

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